Wednesday 8 February 2023

'She couldn't breathe': 6-year-old student who shot teacher allegedly had violent history, once choked teacher

 The 6-year-old student who shot his Virginia teacher last month has a shocking history of violence, including one instance in which he allegedly choked another teacher.

What are the details?

Abby Zwerner, the first grade teacher who was shot, has filed a legal notice that informs her school district that she plans to sue over the incident that nearly killed her.

That notice revealed shocking incidents the troubled 6-year-old student had with his classmates and other staff at Richneck Elementary School.

According to the notice, the student had a history of cursing teachers and students, once tried to whip his fellow students with a belt, and even choked another teacher "until she couldn’t breathe," the Associated Press reported. And the day before the shooting, he allegedly destroyed Zwerner's cellphone.

That unnamed teacher, who was choked, confirmed the incident in an interview with the AP.

She said that in 2021, the boy came up behind her as she sat in a chair in the front of the class, locked his forearms in front of her neck and pulled back and down, hard. She said a teaching assistant pulled the boy off her. The teacher requested anonymity because she fears potential retaliation from the school district. She said she reported the incident to school administrators, but did not receive the kind of supportive response she had hoped for from them.

Zwerner's notice alleges the school "showed gross negligence and willful wanton negligence" because then-Assistant Principal Dr. Ebony Parker failed to report a "known threat." Multiple teachers and administrators reportedly knew the student was in possession of a gun, but allegedly did not take action against him, thus allowing him to attack Zwerner.

Moreover, on the day of the attack, Zwerner had repeatedly notified school administrators of the boy's violent behavior.

Anything else?

Dr. Parker left the school last month. The Newport News School District has also cut ties with superintendent George Parker.

The boy has been taken to a medical facility where he is receiving medical care, the AP reported. Officials have not said more than that. The child will likely avoid criminal charges.

Zwerner, meanwhile, is continuing her recovery.

Attorney for Richneck teacher Abby Zwerner to file

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