Sunday 5 February 2023

Trump: “There Are Things You Can Say to Each Side Which Will End This War Immediately”


President Trump: Peace “can be negotiated within 24 hours”

Speaking to RSBN’s Brian Glenn, President Donald Trump said that the United States is paying “10 times what Europe is paying” for the Ukraine war, oputting the US outlay at $ 107 billion. “I feel horribly for the people of Ukraine, I feel horribly for the people of Russia”, Trump said. “It’s got to get solved. “

TRUMP: First of all, it should have never started. It would have never started, had I been president. There was no chance of this war starting.”

Frankly, I don’t think Putin wanted to do it. I think he was forced in by the statements being made by Biden.

It’s something so sad to see, because no matter what happens now, it could never been like what it could have been with nobody dead and no cities demolished. 

You look at some of these cities, they’re absolutely in ashes. One city they were flying over, there was not one building still standing.

So it never should’ve happened. But it did.

With that being said, it can be negotiated within 24 hours.

It really has to be done from the Office of the President. You have to get them both in a room, and there are things you can say to each one of them – which I won’t reveal now – which will guarantee that this war will end immediately.

You have to do it. Because what’s happening is a horror.

And far more people are being killed than what they’re talking about.

When they knock down those big apartment (buildings), knock out cities, and then they say, ‘Two people died’, that’s not right. I think the numbers are far greater. That will be revealed at a later date.

But we have to do something about it. That war has to stop. And it has to stop now. And it’s easy to do.

I believe we’re sending ten times what Europe has sent. I believe we’re at $107 billion, maybe more. And Europe is at a tiny fraction of that. Obviously, Europe’s affected much more that we are. They’re closer.

Germany has always been very hard to get them involved. It’s just not fair to the United States.

I feel horribly for the people of Ukraine, I feel horribly for the people of Russia. Everybody’s suffering.

It’s got to get solved.

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