Friday 10 February 2023

Whitlock: The controlled demolition of the NFL isn’t a conspiracy theory

 The demolition of the National Football League is an inside job.

League commissioner Roger Goodell, executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent, and NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith are the primary conspirators working to bring down the NFL towers.

Radicalized by al Feminista, the militant globalist organization George bin Soros finances from a lavish Manhattan cave, Goodell, Vincent, and Smith relentlessly push initiatives designed to undermine the foundation legendary commissioner Pete Rozelle put in place.

The trio follow the al Feminista playbook, disguising their destructive agenda with claims of seeking racial justice and reconciliation.

This week, while promoting the Super Bowl, Goodell bragged about his commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. A league hailed as the ultimate meritocracy in the 1980s and 1990s spends an enormous amount of energy and time prioritizing race, gender, and sexuality in its hiring decisions. Goodell’s NFL prioritizes superficial diversity over excellence.

Yesterday, the media asked DeMaurice Smith about Troy Vincent’s comment in December that analogized the NFL scouting combine to a slave auction. Smith couldn’t resist capitalizing on the delicious race bait Vincent deployed. Smith told reporters the league should disband the combine. 

“Think about it … the NCAA and the NFL structure a combine during what should be every football player’s what? Last semester in college,” Smith complained. “Who decided that it was a good idea to take your son and have him exclusively try out for the NFL’s exclusive way of getting into the league – for the most part, unless you’re a free-agent player? You have to be invited to the combine.” 

Smith went on to complain that the combine violates the medical rights of the attendees. Interesting. Smith never complained when the NFL imposed rules that excessively pressured players to take experimental medical trials that were inaccurately labeled as vaccines. No medical rights were violated then. It’s only when the NFL gathers prospects to take extensive physicals before drafting them and giving them lucrative contracts that medical rights are violated.

These guys can’t keep their lies and manipulations straight. They’re not builders. They’re destroyers. DeMaurice should change his name to DeMolition Smith. He’s the most destructive force ever to hit professional sports.

His qualifications for leading the NFLPA are that he’s black, angry, and willing to do the bidding of al Feminista. Social justice warriors have zero interest in building anything. Success for them revolves around their ability to tear down long-standing institutions.

The scouting combine is DeMolition Smith and Troy Vincent’s latest target. The combine, of course, is racist. It’s a painful reminder of slave auctions. Yeah, that’s it.

Or maybe it’s just another form of lucrative content and creative marketing Rozelle and the league created in 1982. Former Cowboys president/general manager Tex Schramm conceived the combine. He wanted to build a one-stop scouting fair so that prospects and teams could cut down on travel and schedule. Before the combine, top prospects might have to submit to individual workouts with as many as 20 different teams. That’s a headache.

Schramm’s idea first turned into a great marketing ploy for the league and the NFL Draft. Reporters, coaches, scouts, executives, agents, and players would descend on a city for a week. NFL writers could gain access to the league’s top decision-makers and best new prospects, conduct interviews, and write stories that promoted the players and the league. The stories around the combine fueled interest in the draft.

Eventually the combine became television content. The combine became a money maker for the league and terrific content for the league’s television network. NFL players get a cut of the revenue the league generates. The combine directly enriches the players.

DeMolition Smith is a paid race hustler, not a businessman. As an active member of al Feminista, Smith takes every opportunity to paint the players as victims of a racist and exploitive league. This narrative serves the feminist movement that desperately wants to displace football as the strongest force in pop culture.

Every time Smith, Goodell, and Vincent paint the NFL as racist, it pleases the people arguing that the league that produces more black male millionaires than any other should be deemphasized and/or dissolved. 

The players are so controlled and manipulated by social media that they can’t recognize that their leaders are undermining the very league that makes them wealthy. With proper leadership, in my opinion, the NFL could generate 50 percent more revenue. That increased revenue would increase the salaries of the players.

The players can’t see it. They’re young, desperate, and ill-informed. They’re trapped in a matrix of misinformation. It’s hard to blame them. They have a short window to make a lot of money. The matrix pushes them to buy gold chains, get expensive cars, and live the life of a rapper. No one asks them to think or question their leaders. Just follow Twitter and build a brand.

The people to blame are the so-called journalists selling the lies Smith, Vincent, and Goodell spew.

There’s nothing wrong with NFL doctors putting prospects through a rigorous physical examination before handing them lucrative contracts. The players earn their money with their bodies. They’re not applying for jobs at Google. The scouting combine isn’t a slave auction. All participants are volunteers. They’re mostly honored to be invited. And when it comes to racial bias, the NFL is far less biased than any of the media companies covering the league.

The media will never contradict al Feminista propaganda because most “journalists” are feminist jihadists.

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