Thursday 9 February 2023

‘Why Did [She] Wear Her Big Bird Floaties?’: Twitter Users Mock Senator Sinema Over SOTU Attire

 Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (I-AZ) attended President Joe Biden’s Tuesday evening State of the Union address in an eye-catching yellow dress — and by the end of the night, Twitter users everywhere were mocking her attire.

Sinema’s bright yellow dress certainly stood out against a sea of dark blue and black suits and jackets. And in a series of tweets, memes, and photos, people mocked the independent Arizona senator by claiming that she clearly wanted attention and making references to the popular “Sesame Street” character Big Bird. 

“What in the name of Big Bird’s wardrobe is Kyrsten Sinema wearing?” @JojofromJerz tweeted.

“Kyrsten Sinema seeking attention at the #StateOfTheUnion,” Lee Midriff added.

Kyrsten Sinema got confused and thought this was the Grammys #sotu2023,” said Lesley Abravanel.

“‘I’m just honored to be nominated.’ -Krysten Sinema on her State of the Union nomination for Best Supporting Actress in a Live Circus Performance,” another tweeted in response.

Did the airbags on Kyrsten Sinema‘s outfit deploy during the State of the Union?” comedian Gabe Sanchez wondered.

The Washington Post’s Karen Tumulty joked, “OMG. I’m watching from home and wearing the same dress as Sinema. I mean, what were the chances?”

“Marjorie Taylor Greene and Kyrsten Sinema look like comedic-relief villains in a 90s final fantasy game,” MSNBC’s Manny Fidel commented, sharing side-by-side photos.

Kyrsten Sinema entering the chamber. #SOTU,” another added.

And another asked: “Why did Kyrsten Sinema wear her Big Bird floaties to the State of the Union? Was she expecting a water landing?”

Bernie Sanders and Kyrsten Sinema are both on the US trending list because of something they wore to #SOTU2023, and it’s on brand for both of them. Bernie gets attention not looking for any simply doing the right thing. Sinema seeking attention making it about herself,” @bern_identity commented, sharing a photo of independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, wearing a medical mask, alongside a photo of Sinema in the dress.

Not everyone was completely turned off by the dress, however. Kambree (@KamVTV) tweeted, “I love what Kiersten [sic] Sinema is wearing. She dresses how she wants to dress and thinks how she wants to think. That is why the Democrats fear her. She is her own self. She went to Washington DC to represent her constituents, not become a Pelosi employee.”

“This is why I have mad respect for her. My friends in Arizona do too, and they are Republicans,” she added.

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