Saturday 11 March 2023

“A Despicable and False Attack” – Energy Expert Alex Epstein Owns Squad Member Cori Bush After She Hurls Racism Charges at Him during Hearing (VIDEO)


Energy expert Alex Epstein testified before the Congressional Strategic Petroleum Reserve hearing this week on Capitol Hill.

As the hearing was starting Democrat Squad member Cori Bush accused Alex Epstein of being a racist for his views supporting the Western tradition of individual rights and capitalism. She was referencing an article he wrote in college in 2002 for her racist attack on Epstein.

Alex Epstein immediately shot back at Bush when he was given the floor and it was delicious.

If Cori Bush had the intellectual heft to understand his arguments she would have been embarrassed.

 Alex Epstein:  Thanks for giving a moment to address a truly despicable and false attack on me claiming anything I’ve ever said is white supremacist and then try to imply that somehow applies today,” Epstein said. “What I argued for my entire adult life is that Western culture is superior in the sense that it promotes individualism and freedom. And I have fought my entire life for freedom around the world including in Africa, including in Asia, including in India.”

“There are different places around the world that are in many ways inferior,” Epstein continued. “They have female genital mutilation, they have slavery. These are not as good as not mutilating females’ gentiles and not enslaving people. So I make no apology. The idea that this is associated with skin color is despicable and racist. Skin color has nothing to do with ideas. Where you came from geographically is irrelevant. What’s relevant is what’s true. That was an insane diversion from the truth.”

Cori Bush earlier in the week argued for climate justice because because high energy prices disproportionately effect black and brown people over whites. Another clown move.

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