Tuesday 21 March 2023

‘As A Student Of Persian Culture …’: Biden’s Latest Multicultural Boast

 Readers know that President Joe Biden is the most Polish-Jewish-Black-Puerto Rican-Greek-Irish-Catholic president that we have ever had. Yet did you know that he’s also a profound “student” of Persian culture?

Biden made this groundbreaking remark at the White House’s celebration of Nowruz, the Persian New Year, on Monday. The president and First Lady Jill Biden used the occasion to honor Iranian culture and the women fighting for freedom in the Islamic state. That’s a worthy cause to be sure, but Biden couldn’t help himself from telling one of those “tall tales” for which he’s known in what appeared to be an attempt to connect with his audience.

“The Persian culture is amazing,” Biden said after several musical performances.

“As a student of Persian culture,” he continued, which appeared to catch the attention of his wife. “Not as a practitioner, but as a student, it’s incredible where the world is and where the world would have been without the Persian culture. I really mean it.”

Jill appeared uncomfortable throughout his remarks:

It is well documented by now, but it seems that no matter what ethnic group Biden is speaking in front of, he tries to connect with them by telling a story or anecdote about himself. Typically, that story reeks of bogusness.

So if he is in front of a group of mostly black people, he says he went to the African-American church service before mass. If it’s a Jewish delegation, he says he went to Shul. If he’s speaking with Greeks, he calls himself Joe Bidenopoulos.

If he’s speaking to an Indian guy one-on-one, he tells him that he can’t go into a 7/11 or a Dunkin Donuts in Delaware without somebody with a “slight Indian accent” owning it.

Now, he’s a student of Persian culture. What that means, it’s unclear whether anyone knows. Just add it to the long list of multicultural bona fides that Biden apparently believes himself to be a part of.

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