Wednesday 22 March 2023

CNN’s Van Jones Trashed For Warning Manhattan DA To Back Off Trump Indictment

 CNN regular Van Jones took some backlash after suggesting that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg would be wise to back off and not indict former President Donald Trump — or at least wait and see whether he’d face charges in Georgia first.

Jones made the comments during a Monday panel discussion hosted by Pamela Brown, and he argued that pushing for an indictment over “hush money” allegedly paid to a porn star was proof that the leftists did not have their act together with regard to coming after Trump.

“If anybody is a Republican and they had been afraid there is some well-organized conspiracy among progressives, they can relax now, because you would not start with this charge,” Jones said, adding, “You would start with the charge in Georgia where he was interfering with elections. You would start with the charge that he was helping the insurrectionists in a coup. You wouldn’t start with an 8-year-old porn star payoff. This is proof, if nothing else, that the progressives are not very well organized. This is not the one you would start with.”

Jones went on to note that he was sure Bragg was facing mounting pressure to make something stick but suggested that the wisest move would be to cool his heels a bit and let Georgia take the first bite at the apple.

“The heat is on this DA. I think he’s going to make a very sober decision, and I would not be surprised if he doesn’t step back from the brink,” Jones said.


“It doesn’t seem like the right way to go. History is not going to judge Donald Trump based on Stormy Daniels. It’s going to judge him based on the election, it’s going to judge him based on the coup attempt, the insurrection,” Jones insisted. “I think if I were Alvin, I would wait for Georgia to go first. You have the president calling in, trying to change the election. That seems to me the thing to start with, not this.”

Critics immediately attacked Jones for voicing his opinion.

Van Jones is not a serious person and should not be taken seriously. A sentient corn on the cob,” attorney Exavier Pope tweeted.

I just heard Van Jones on CNN shout out to Alvin Bragg and say ‘I’d back off and let Georgia go first’ and followed up by saying he wouldn’t be surprised to see Alvin Bragg back down. Be ashamed, Van. Be very ashamed,” Jack Hopkins added.

“Back on earth one this is **not how any of this works**,” Molly Jong-Fast said.

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