Friday 24 March 2023

DeSantis Responds To Salacious Reports About Pudding And Force Feeding Detainees At GITMO: ‘Bring It On’

 Florida Governor Ron DeSantis responded in an interview that aired Thursday evening to two recent salacious media stories that claimed he ate pudding with his bare hands and that he authorized force feeding of detainees at Guantanamo Bay.

The Daily Beast reported last week that an anonymous source claimed that DeSantis once “enjoyed a chocolate pudding dessert” on a private jet “by eating it with three of his fingers.”

DeSantis made the remarks during an interview on Fox Nation with Piers Morgan, who mocked the report as being ridiculous.

“It was a very serious allegation,” Morgan said sarcastically. “In fact, I congratulated the journalist who broke it on the new ‘Watergate.’ But I have to put it to you, Governor. Have you ever eaten a chocolate pudding with three fingers?”

After laughing at the story, DeSantis responded, “I don’t remember ever doing that. I’m telling you. Maybe when I was a kid.”

“You know, there’s a lot of people when they go at you, sometimes they have like really good ammunition, like you’re a crook, you did this, you did that,” DeSantis continued. “For me, they’re talking about pudding like, is that really the best you got? Okay, bring it on.”

DeSantis responded to a report from The Washington Post that suggested he had some kind of a role in force feeding detainees at Guantanamo Bay by saying that the report was false.

“One of the things they said was that you authorized the use of force feeding [for detainees who were on hunger strike],” Morgan responded.

“That’s not true,” DeSantis immediately fired back. “So I was a junior officer, I didn’t have authority to authorize anything. There may have been a commander that would have done feeding if someone was going to die. But that was not something that I would have even had authority to do.”

When asked again if the report was wrong, DeSantis responded: “Yeah, absolutely.”

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