Wednesday 8 March 2023

Horowitz: Why are GOP governors continuing to push the destructive green energy scam?

 Green energy is the death of our civilization, freedom, and prosperity. It is empowering Agenda 2030 so that in the short run, the middle class will be priced out of the American dream, and in the long run, we will all be walking around like bug-eating cavemen – with the basic necessities of life being reserved for the global elite. We once thought that the energy issue was the rare consensus among Republicans. However, although all Republicans support drilling for oil, most Republicans also support green energy subsidies that will be used as the noose around the neck of real energy and ultimately grease the skids for Agenda 2030. These governors must be held accountable.

Everywhere you turn, GOP governors are embracing electric cars and carbon capture as vigorously as they embraced COVID fascism in 2020. During the SOTU, Joe Biden chided Republicans for voting against the green energy banana bill misnamed the “Inflation Reduction Act” and then turning around and embracing the subsidies in the bill. “My Republican friends who voted against it – I still get asked to fund the projects in those districts as well,” Biden said. “But don’t worry, I promised I’d be a president for all Americans. We’ll fund these projects, and I’ll see you at the groundbreaking.”

He’s not wrong. Oklahoma, under the leadership of Gov. Kevin Stitt, is competing with socialist Canada in trying to lure ESG champion Volkswagen to the state in order to open a battery plant. So, as part of the corporate welfare program knows as the LEADs Act, the administration will attract left-wing voters to the state to produce more electric cars to give aid and comfort to the broader effort to phase out normal vehicles. Stitt has also used taxpayer funding to build up the impractical scale of electric vehicle infrastructure needed to phase out gas-powered cars, just like in California.

During his state of the state address last month, Stitt bragged about being ranked #10 in “renewable energy” and promised to “continue to diversify our energy grid and embrace our ‘more of everything’ approach.” In other words, embracing the venture socialism that is literally facilitating the coerced “transition” away from normal energy and making Oklahoma’s grid look like the Texas grid that failed the state in 2021, when 700 people died of the winter cold. Even the French admit wind and solar are junk and are pushing for nuclear energy.

The GOP governors are just groveling to facilitate the Great Reset in their respective states. South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster recently touted his investment in a $3.5 billion facility to recycle battery materials. In his state of the state address, Ohio Gov. DeWine bragged about his state being an “emerging force in electric vehicle and EV parts manufacturing.'' Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon agreed to the premise of “climate change” and touted “carbon capture” as the way of the future during his annual address. Using the language of the left, “South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem hyped a new $1 billion plant literally called ‘Net-Zero 1’” to somehow produce jet fuel from corn. What’s next? Will they promote Bill Gates and his mosquito factories so long as they “create jobs” in their states?

With the exception of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, nearly every governor has bought into the global warming premise and the “need” to “transition” to other fuels. Carbon capture is particularly odious, because it’s expensive, unsafe, and requires eminent domain to build ridiculous pipelines to nowhere. GOP support for the global warming agenda is so strong that we couldn’t even get a compromise bill (HB 1133) passed in the South Dakota legislature that would have barred carbon pipeline companies from being treated as common carriers that can engage in private-use eminent domain! After the bill passed the House (with way too many dissenting Republicans), the Senate Energy and Commerce Committee (8-1 GOP majority) voted unanimously to kill the bill. Kristi Noem never spoke out in favor of the landowners, even though this bill only banned private-use eminent domain.

Thus far, not a single bill protecting landowners from carbon capture eminent domain has passed a single GOP-controlled legislature in the key states. Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon recently vetoed a bill (HB 106) that would have reinstated an expired law prohibiting privately owned foreign energy companies from using eminent domain to build transmission lines for wind farms. The Wyoming legislature attempted but failed to override his veto.

Republicans claim to stand for robust energy prosperity, but as they get fat and happy with their corporate lobbyists, they are forgetting that the net-zero agenda will kill off humanity. Once you accede to the premise that net zero is a laudable goal, the end is all the same. A new report from Climate Central’s WeatherPower Year in Review showed that Texas led the nation in solar and wind power. That might sound like a good thing Greg Abbott would brag about, but this is what left Texans vulnerable to the 2021 cold snap, killing over 700 people. Solar capacity in Texas grew by more than 1,660 MWs, according to the report, the largest increase in the country. The next three leaders in green energy were Iowa, Oklahoma, and Kansas. All red states.

This would be fine if the free market actually dictated this outcome and ensured that its success in the market was a reflection of advances in safety, efficacy, and economic efficiency. Yet these energies are not safe and efficient and certainly not environmentally sound. By 2050, it’s estimated that used wind turbine blades will exceed 43 million tons of waste every year.

The reality is that these forms of energy, just like electric vehicles, would not get off the ground without the weight of the government hung around the necks of fossil fuels and enormous tailwinds for the rent-seekers in government. While Republicans push largely laudatory energy bills in Congress this week, all of the GOP executives continue to undermine true energy prosperity by acquiescing to the lie of global warming and net zero. It’s unfeasible and simply not true. In order to meet net zero air travel targets, Britain would have to sacrifice 40% of its farmland to biofuel. Yet doing so would have no effect on global temperatures. Last year, CO2 emissions hit a record amid the widespread rationing in Europe, the lockdown in China, and the record levels of green policies and energy throughout the Western world.

Republican governors are corporatists at heart, and because most of their states have a lot of land, the Democrats and corporations are buying them off with promises of economic gain from joining this immoral crusade to strip us of legitimate power sources.

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