Sunday 12 March 2023

Marxist Stanford Officials Allow Law Students to Berate, Shout Down Trump-Appointed Federal Judge – Federal Marshals Had to Escort Judge to Safety (VIDEO)


Stanford officials allowed law students to berate and shout down a federal judge who was invited to speak at the university.

Students shouted at Judge Kyle Duncan, a Trump appointee, and made it impossible for him to speak.

“If enough of these kids get into the legal profession, the rule of law will descend into barbarism,” the judge told the Free Beacon.

Judge Duncan said protesters behaved like “dog shit.”

The far-left students were reportedly upset about Judge Duncan’s refusal to use a transgender sex offender’s “preferred pronouns” in a 2020 opinion, the Free Beacon reported.

Tirien Steinbach, Stanford’s dean of “diversity, equity and inclusion,” refused to intervene and joined the mob by berating the judge.

Steinbach accused the judge of causing “harm” in a long-winded speech.

The students were so out of control that federal marshals had to escort the judge out of the building to safety.


The Free Beacon reported:

Fifth Circuit appellate judge Stuart Kyle Duncan, who was shouted down by Stanford Law School students as administrators looked on in silence, says the protesters behaved like “dogshit.”

Now, in an interview with the Washington Free Beacon, Duncan is calling on the school to discipline the students who disrupted his talk and to fire the school’s associate dean of diversity, equity, and inclusion, who stepped in during the event to chastise him and deliver what the judge described as a “bizarre therapy session from hell.”

Duncan’s remarks come after nearly a hundred students at Stanford Law School disrupted his remarks in brazen violation of Stanford University’s free speech policies.

One source of the students’ ire was Duncan’s refusal, in a 2020 opinion, to use a transgender sex offender’s preferred pronouns. The Stanford event, which was sponsored by the law school’s chapter of the Federalist Society, got so out of hand that federal marshals eventually escorted Duncan from the building.

Tirien Steinbach, the school’s diversity dean, arrived on the scene when Duncan himself asked for an administrator to restore order. She then took to the podium and, in a video that has now circulated widely online, accused the judge of causing “harm.”

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