Thursday 30 March 2023

MSM ignores bank records that prove Joe Biden was BOUGHT OFF by Beijing

 The mainstream media (MSM) is ignoring bank records that prove President Joe Biden and his family are involved in numerous underhanded transactions with China.

The New American writer Selwyn Duke made this assertion in a March 21 post, citing how the former vice president during the Obama administration “left a recently uncovered bank record paper trail a mile long.” The said paper trail was brought to light by Rep. James Comer (R-KY), yet the MSM has largely kept silent on this.

“In fact, in timing most odd, the story about the Biden bank records was followed the very next day by the revelation that [former President] Donald Trump might be arrested for an apparently legal non-disclosure agreement payment,” wrote Duke. “Why, a cynic could almost think that the latter is meant to distract from the former.”

Duke also referenced a March 20 post by commentator Thomas Lifson. The piece published on American Thinker said: “Thanks to the efforts of Comer, we already have bank records of $1 million flowing to Biden family members through a cutout named Rob Walker, shortly after [Joe] Biden left office as vice president.” The money Walker received eventually went to four of the president’s family members – presidential son Hunter, daughter-in-law Hallie, brother James and an unnamed fourth member.

“It comes as no surprise that the propaganda arm of the Democrats called the MSM has no interest in informing the American people of the gravity of the evidence piling up that Joe Biden has been bought off by the Chinese Communist Party,” Lifson wrote.

“Needless to say – if Trump or any Republican officeholder were similarly found to have received major funding via family members from our principal adversary, and had a history of softness toward that adversary … the word ‘treason’ would be a major feature of the conversations Americans would hear on cable news.”

Comer’s probe on Biden transactions “only the beginning”

During an appearance on the Fox News program “Sunday Morning Features,” the Kentucky congressman said his revelations about the Biden’s bank records was “only the beginning.” Comer, who chairs the  House Oversight Committee, told program host Maria Bartiromo that his committee is examining “as many as 11 other deals.”

“The White House hasn’t been truthful about this from day one. I don’t think the White House ever dreamed we would get bank records,” Comer surmised.

“I’ve got bad news for the White House. We’re [going to] get a lot more bank records, and they’re going to have to continue to backpedal and come up with some kind of reason why the Biden family has received millions and millions of dollars from our adversaries.”

According to the congressman, there was indeed a money trail linked to the Biden family after his staff had “spoken to enough people that were involved in the shady business games all around the world. He also told Bartiromo: “Everything that we’ve subpoenaed thus far was accurate from what our whistleblowers were telling us, and we have a whole lot more information.” 

Lifson remarked that he takes the Kentucky congressman “at his word” that the Bidens “assumed that the bank records would never come to light.” He added: “They know what kind of money is involved, and they must realize how toxic this could become.”

Meanwhile, Duke recounted remarks made by former President Barack Obama about his then-vice president for eight years: “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f*** things up.”

“We can only imagine how much Biden could mess things up were he compromised via foreign cash payments,” the writer for The New American noted. “But we perhaps don’t have to imagine how much he has messed himself up in taking those payments.”

Nevertheless, Lifson remarked that “the media silence won’t stop the flow of records, and it won’t stop the depositions and testimony to come. An enemy funding a president with millions of dollars is a story that can’t be contained.”

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