Sunday 19 March 2023

Petty CNN Buys Ads During “March Madness” To Attack Fox News – Fox News Responds


As their audience dwindles and their power wanes, CNN is going on the attack against Fox News.

Are they going to do better reporting? Or try to play fair for their audience?

No – they are purchasing ads during “March Madness” to attack Fox News.

Variety reported:

The battle for cable-news viewers is coming to March Madness.

CNN intends to run a new promo during the heavily watched NCAA men’s basketball tournament that throws a sharp verbal elbow at Fox News Channel and the legal defamation case filed against it by Dominion Voting Systems. The promos will air starting this weekend on TNT, TBS, TruTV and CBS, all of which carry the games under a joint rights agreement held by the owners of those networks, Paramount Global and Warner Bros. Discovery, which is also the parent of CNN.

Fox News Channel is not mentioned in the promo script, reviewed by Variety, but the references are clear. “What should you expect of a news network?” asks the narrator. “Some bury the truth, while we fight to reveal the facts. The only side we are on is yours.” Viewers see images of CNN correspondents and anchors such as Abby Phillip and Clarissa Ward.

At the end, the signature red CNN symbol stands on screen, atop a slogan: “The most trusted name in news.”

Fox News responded with a blistering statement.

Senior TV Editor Variety:

“As the industry is acutely aware, the CNN brand is suffering from their own March Madness — just look at what they’ve done for CNN+, ‘CNN This Morning,’ ‘CNN Primetime’ and Warner Bros. Discovery shareholders.”

If CNN wants to fix its ratings, it should start reporting the truth!

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