Sunday 26 March 2023

Pregnant Dunkin Cashier Seeks Medical Attention After $10 Bill from Customer Contained Fentanyl

 A pregnant drive-thru cashier at a Dunkin Donuts in Oxford, Maine had to seek medical attention after being handed a folded-up $10 bill that contained fentanyl

Oxford police reported the pregnant cashier came in contact with the fentanyl after a man who was nodding off in the drive-thru gave her a folded-up $10 bill.

As the cashier unfolded the bill a noticeable amount of fentanyl spilled on the counter and on her hands.

After coming in contact with the fentanyl the pregnant woman started to feel ill and had to receive medical attention.

She was ultimately cleared from having any “lasting health concerns.”

The man who gave her the bill drove off after he received his order but was later contacted by the police and arrested.

He is now facing several charges which include “aggravated assault, reckless conduct with a dangerous weapon/substance and possession of a schedule “W” drug.”

Per The Miami Herald:

Fentanyl fell from a man’s rolled up $10 bill at a Dunkin’ drive-thru and onto a pregnant employee’s hands in Maine, police said.

The worker started feeling ill after inadvertently touching the powerful drug and needed medical attention on March 22 in Oxford, according to the Oxford Police Department. Now the man, 42, of Norway, Maine, has been arrested, police announced in a March 23 news release.

On Saturday, Jordan Conradson reported over 2.5 million fentanyl pills were seized at the southern border over the weekend. 

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