Tuesday 14 March 2023

President Trump Promises to “Totally Obliterate the Deep State” and Says “2024 Is the Final Battle” in Iowa Speech


President Trump gave a speech from Iowa tonight on Education but he addressed other topics as well. 

Earlier today the President arrived and visited a local restaurant and then went to the arena where he spoke and where people lined up for hours to see him on this cold Iowa day. 

President Trump promised to totally obliterate the DEEP STATE.  These crooks in the DOJ will be gone when Trump is elected.  He’s the only guy currently even talking about this very important issue.

President Trump also discussed the Department of Education where he says he will break it up and send the resources bak to the states.

Ed Henry and Karyn Turk were covering the event. The local RAV reporter noted that thousands were inside at the event and another 1,500 were outside in the cold.

Trump and all of America knows that 2024 is the final battle.

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