Monday 6 March 2023

Site of Future Safety Training Center in Atlanta Under Lockdown After Massive Fire Destroys Construction Site – Antifa Reportedly Clashing with Police


Image: @BillyHeathFOX5/Twitter


In December 2022, The Gateway Pundit reported on five Antifa members who were arrested and held on terrorism charges after protesting outside of a $90 Million police training center near Atlanta, Georgia.

During the arrests, police recovered bombs, flares, gasoline, and weapons.

Additionally, the protesters torched at least two vehicles during their protests at the training center site.

Protests have been ongoing since June 2021 when the training center was announced with opponents camping out in surrounding trees.  Protesters have dubbed the center “Cop City.” 

Sunday evening, smoke and flames erupted in the area and the site was put on lockdown.

The site of Atlanta’s future Public Safety Training Facility infamously called ‘Cop City’ by protestors is now on lockdown as smoke and flames were put out, and the area was secured. FOX 5 saw SWAT reporting to the scene as night fell.

Just before 8 p.m., a FOX 5 reporter on the ground said she heard something that resembled the sound of fireworks or gunshots, but has not yet had that detail confirmed by officials.

There was a massive police presence along Key Road in southeast Atlanta early Sunday evening as FOX 5 was told protestors were actively clashing with officers. Officials said at least one construction vehicle was set on fire.

We have since been told the protest has been contained and many of the protestors have scattered into the woods.

A Georgia State Trooper told FOX 5 photographer Billy Heath that rocks, sticks and even a Molotov cocktail were thrown at police.


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