Tuesday 21 March 2023

Steel Barricades Placed Outside of Manhattan DA Office

 CBS reporter Robert Costa took to Twitter on Monday morning and uploaded a video that shows NYPD officers placing steel barricades all around the Manhattan DA’s office.

On Sunday, Costa made an appearance on Face the Nation and stated the DA of Manhattan Alvin Bragg has previously told his colleagues he will do everything to keep his colleagues safe so the barricades outside of Manhattan could be a request from Bragg himself.

Watch NYPD set up the barricades here:

Some barricades have yet to be deployed:

The heightened security comes after Attorney Robert Costello, who was previously a legal adviser to disgraced attorney Michael Cohen, is expected to testify before a Grand Jury on Monday.

It is expected Costello will refute Cohen’s claims against Trump because Cohen has been told to get ready as a rebuttal witness.

Many conservative voices have warned Trump supporters to stay away from any protests outside of the Manhattan DA’s office due to possible agent provocateurs lurking around the scene. 

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