Saturday 18 March 2023

“That’s Not True!” – Biden When Confronted on House Oversight Memo Showing His Family Received $1 Million after China Wired $3 Million to Biden Associate


Joe Biden on Friday departed the White House for another Delaware vacation.

Biden has spent 40% of his presidency on vacation.

To everyone’s surprise Joe Biden actually stopped to chat with reporters posted up on the South Lawn before boarding Marine One.

A reporter asked Joe Biden about the House Oversight Committee’s new memo detailing his family’s dealings related to his son Hunter.

The Biden family received $1 million after an associate received $3 million from China.

The shocking news was released on Thursday from the House Oversight Committee.

Documents released by the House Oversight Committee also revealed Hallie Biden, widow of Beau Biden, got in on the China cash the family was making.

NTD White House Correspondent Iris Tao confronted Biden: “Any reaction to House GOP memo about your family’s dealings, sir?”

“My family’s dealings?” Biden said as he leaned forward.

“Yes…Hunter Biden’s business associate sent over $1 million to three of your family members. Any reaction to that report?” the reporter asked Biden.

“That’s not true!” Biden said as he backed away.


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