Wednesday 22 March 2023

“These Folks Are Talking Armageddon… A Trifecta of Macro Imbalances!” – Charles Payne Reacts to SHOCKING Economic Numbers (VIDEO)

 Charles Payne opened his show on Tuesday with sobering news. Payne warned his FOX Business Network viewers that the country is facing a “trifecta of macro imbalances.”

Charles went on to explain how the current economic numbers point to an unprecedented diaster ahead.

Via Charles Payne:

Charles Payne:  At this point, I’m wondering if we should be calling the end of the world bubble, the real bubble out there.

Tavi Costa, points out that the recent banking problems remind us that the economy is facing what he calls a “trifecta of macro imbalances.”

In other words, this has rarely ever happened.

** The debt problems of the 1990s. We’re in a 98% Taliban – Only 2% of the time has this problem been worse.

** Speculative environment of the 1990s – Only 1% of the time has the market been this expensive, this speculative in history.

** And inflation issues of the 1970s at  88% – So only 12% of the time have we seen that kind of risk. He’s calling that the trifecta.

But I got to tell you something, he is not alone. Check this out. They’re now saying at JPMorgan we could be in what they’re calling the “Minsky Moment.” I’m thinking maybe this is some sort of composer I’ve never heard of before. Instead, it’s a little bit more ominous than that.

So here’s the Minskey moment for you. The onset of market collapse. This is at the onset of a market collapse, part of its reckless speculative activity. Also, investors engage in excessively aggressive speculation and they take additional credit risk. Right?  This is the key part here. The additional credit risk. And the tipping point for all of this is reached and extreme that is really just unsustainable.  So in other words, it’s a house of cards and it all starts to come down.

So in the sea of all of this doom and gloom, is there any hope? Let’s bring an RIA advisor. CIO Lance Roberts…

You better hold on. It looks like Joe Biden and the Democrats really did it this time!

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