Wednesday 22 March 2023

Twitter's automatic response to press inquiries is a single emoji

 Twitter is dishing out digital dung by providing an automatic response to press inquiries that consists of a single poop emoji.

Elon Musk noted in a tweet on Sunday that Twitter's email address now automatically replies to messages with the poop emoji — the wealthy business magnate, who acquired Twitter last year, tweeted, " now auto responds with [emoji]."

The Blaze tested this on Tuesday by sending an email to that address, and as promised, swiftly received a poop emoji response. Other media outlets and many Twitter users have also confirmed that they received the poop emoji response from the company.

Musk noted last week Twitter will soon share its code related to tweet recommendations.

"Twitter will open source all code used to recommend tweets on March 31st," Musk tweeted. "Our 'algorithm' is overly complex & not fully understood internally. People will discover many silly things , but we'll patch issues as soon as they're found! We're developing a simplified approach to serve more compelling tweets, but it's still a work in progress. That'll also be open source. Providing code transparency will be incredibly embarrassing at first, but it should lead to rapid improvement in recommendation quality. Most importantly, we hope to earn your trust," he added

Musk has been an outspoken in expressing support for free speech. "If free speech is lost even in America, tyranny is all that lies ahead," he declared in a tweet last year.

"Best way to fight misinformation is to respond with accurate information, not censorship," he tweeted last week.

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