Monday 27 March 2023

University of Maryland to Offer Students a Minor in ‘Anti-Black Racism’


The University of Maryland will offer an “anti-black racism” minor as part of an initiative to build on the state’s “legacy of racial equity and social justice.”

Hilariously, their goal is to”position the University of Maryland as a leading anti-Black racist institution,” which sounds like they are doing the opposite of their stated intention.

“The University of Maryland’s Anti-Black Racism minor is part of the university’s work to address one of society’s grand challenges through research, knowledge sharing and discussion,” the university told Fox News in a statement. “Courses and symposia are still under development.”

The minor is part of the Anti-Black Racism Initiative (ABRI).

“(The Anti-Black Racism) Initiative is designed to promote long term change in the college and on the campus and beyond,” the website states. “Grounded in the behavioral and social sciences, our mission is to elevate the status and experience of African Americans.”

It is unclear when the program will officially launch, as the website simply says that it is “coming soon.”

Dr. Rawshawn Ray, a professor of sociology and leader of the initiative, told the network that “2020 was simply a tumultuous year for everyone, whether it be dealing with COVID, dealing with economic issues, and then also a heightened awareness about police brutality and systemic racism, both for Black people in America.”

“One thing I know all too well is that we have been grappling with all of these things for a very long time,” Ray continued.

Fox reports, “while the university recognizes its location in Prince George’s County is home to one of the most affluent communities in the country, a school video says the region still has ‘longstanding racial inequalities that manifest on the bodies of Black people.'”

“Despite the affluence of people in the county, it is one of the starkest income divides in the nation,” the video states. “The community continues to be plagued with misconduct lawsuits from residents about police brutality and from over 100 Black and Latinx officers about internal problems with promotion and discipline in the county police department. These outcomes are most stark in the killings of people that include William Green, Lieutenant Richard W. Collins III, Korryn Gaines, and Leonard Shand.”

Outkick reports that the University of Maryland isn’t the only school running this program. “A quick Google of “anti-black racism” brings up curricula from countless universities, including Pittsburgh, Harvard, UConn, UCLA, Stanford, and NYU — just to name a few,” the report states. 

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