Friday 28 April 2023

Biden Falsely Claims He Has Six Grandchildren, Leaves Off Hunter’s Arkansas Daughter

 President Joe Biden claimed he had six grandchildren Thursday, leaving out his seventh grandchild, an illegitimate child of his son, Hunter.

The president hosted hundreds of children at the White House on Thursday for a “take your child to work day” event. When taking questions from some of the children, he bungled an extended answer about his family, claiming to only have six grandchildren instead of seven.

“The best part of it all, I have six grandchildren, and I’m crazy about them. I speak to them every single day,” Biden said. “Not a joke,” he added.

He then went on to name each of his grandchildren in turn, finishing with his youngest, three-year-old Beau, named after Biden’s eldest son who died of brain cancer in 2015. He missed one, however.

Four-year-old Navy is the daughter of Hunter Biden and former stripper Lunden Roberts. Navy lives in Arkansas with her mother, who has long battled Hunter Biden in court over his paternal duties.

Last week, lawyers for Roberts filed a request in an Arkansas court to force Hunter to turn over financial documents. The documents were supposed to be turned over to the court as part of her ongoing lawsuit to obtain paternity payments from Hunter.

Hunter is “flaunting the dignity and authority of the court,” Roberts’ legal team wrote, according to the New York Post. The Biden heir has failed to provide “one single item or word [of] discovery.”


“This court should incarcerate the defendant in the Cleburne County Detention Center until he complies with this court’s orders,” the court filing states.

Hunter’s refusal to recognize Navy as his daughter, despite a court-ordered paternity test proving the relationship, may be getting reinforced by President Biden, who has also never recognized Navy. A report by New York Post columnist Miranda Devine suggests that Hunter is staying at his father’s to avoid being served legal papers in his court fight with Roberts.

While not recognizing his granddaughter in Arkansas, President Biden earlier this week made remarks suggesting he had a great interest in properly caring for children.

“There’s no such thing as someone else’s child. No such thing as someone else’s child. Our nation’s children are all our children,” he said.

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