Friday 14 April 2023

Biden’s Pup Handler Sam Brinton Pleads No Contest to Stealing Luggage From Vegas Airport, Will Avoid Jail Time Under Plea Deal


Joe Biden’s former Department of Energy employee Sam Brinton this week pleaded no contest to misdemeanor theft for stealing luggage from a Las Vegas airport.

Sam Brinton was originally charged with a felony but his charge was reduced to a misdemeanor and he will avoid jail time under a plea deal with prosecutors.

Brinton received a ‘suspended jail sentence’ of 180 days and ordered to pay $3,670 to the victim.

Fox 5 reported:

A former Department of Energy official pleaded no contest Tuesday to stealing luggage from Harry Reid International Airport last July, according to court records.

Samuel Brinton was serving as a deputy assistant secretary at the DOE at the time when the theft occurred July 6, 2022.

A warrant was issued for Brinton, who was arrested Dec. 8.

On Tuesday, Brinton was sentenced to pay $3,670.74 in restitution for the stolen luggage and clothes, and given 180 days suspended jail term.

Brinton has since been fired.

Sam Brinton was previously arrested for stealing women’s luggage at two different airports.

Brinton, a gender fluid ‘pup handler,’ was charged with felony theft for stealing a woman’s luggage in November at MSP airport in Minnesota.

Sam Brinton was also accused of stealing luggage from a Las Vegas airport.

Sam Brinton caught stealing luggage at Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas

The case against Brinton in Minneapolis is still active.

The case against Brinton in Texas is also still ongoing.

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