Friday 21 April 2023

CDC head Rochelle Walensky finally admits fully jabbed can still spread covid

  After two years of claiming otherwise, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Rochelle Walensky is now claiming that a person can still spread the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) even if he or she has already gotten “vaccinated.”

The reason for the sudden change is not because Walensky was previously lying, but because of “an evolution of science,” according to her. She now claims that getting jabbed for the Fauci Flu does nothing to stop the spread, even though that is precisely what she claimed was true for the past several years.

Back in December of 2021, Walensky told the world that even suggesting a fully injected person could still spread covid was just conspiratorial “misinformation.” Now she is saying precisely that: if you get jabbed, you can still catch and spread covid just like an unvaccinated person.

“That statement is no longer corrected [sic] with the Omicron variants we have right now,” Walensky told Congress more recently concerning her sudden about-face concerning the alleged effectiveness of Fauci Flu shots – watch below:


Walensky changed her views on covid shots by watching far-left television

It turns out that the source of Walensky’s covid injection information all this time has never been any actually published or credible science, but rather the claims of talking-heads on television whom she apparently watched and drew from to form her views.

Walensky told Congress in the above hearing that “science,” as she currently knows it, has changed since she made her previous statements to the contrary of what she is now claiming.

The alleged emergence of all these variants and subvariants, she says, have rendered the injections mostly useless. At the current time, it is much better to be unvaccinated and rely on one’s natural immunity, is the essence of what she admitted without actually saying it.

“There are some rules about covid that science has taught us,” wrote one commenter mockingly. “You’re in danger when entering a restaurant without a mask as covid will attack you, but once you reach a table in a restaurant you are safe.”

“Covid knows now to attack when you are sitting down to eat dinner, and you are safe in a crowd that is not masked as long as that crowd is engaged in a liberal protest or a socialist activity such as a riot or burning down a police station. Covid never attacks people engaged in those activities.”

Others joked that Walensky has now committed the cardinal sin of changing her covid “facts,” which we were all told could never be done because to do so would be to blaspheme the covid gods.

“There is no possibility of “evolution” as Walensky now claims,” one of them wrote. “It was already written in stone, and it is blasphemy to question it. It is attempted murder to violate it, so string this woman up.”

Another person noted that the “vaccinated” have been the problem “all along,” and that covid would already be long gone if not for them going around shedding the injection poisons on others while stirring up new variants by their mere presence in a crowded room.

“Therefore, she lied to establish a basis for the ‘mandate,'” wrote another about Walensky’s latest change of story. “She is complicit in the release of a directed bioweapon. Crimes against humanity.”

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