Monday 17 April 2023

Corrupt Clinton Judge Allows President Trump’s Attorneys to Depose “Whackjob” E. Jean Carroll in Alleged Rape Case But Only for an Hour in Length


The corrupt Clinton Judge in the “whackjob” E. Jean Carroll “rape” case against President Trump bends and allows the Trump lawyers to depose Carroll.  This whole case is an outrage and never should have moved forward showing the incredible corruption in the New York judicial system.

This corrupt judge who also runs the FTX case for the Deep State allowed this woman to move forward with a civil case against President Trump where she accused the President of raping her decades ago in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room in the 1990s in New York.

If you talk to any woman who has been to this store and stores like it you quickly understand that no one is left unnoticed in this store.  The idea that any woman would be raped in the store is lunacy.  But US District Judge Lewis Kaplan allowed this BS case to move forward.

Here is some footage of Carroll discussing the alleged events in her rape case – clearly something is wrong here:

Last week it was uncovered that Carroll lied under oath about the case.

In an Oct. 14, 2022, deposition, Carroll said under oath that her legal fees are paid on contingency—meaning that the payment will be contingent upon the case’s success and confirmed that no one else was paying her legal fees.

But according to an April 10 letter from Carroll’s attorney to Trump’s attorneys, Carroll “now recalls that at some point her counsel secured additional funding from a nonprofit organization to offset certain expenses and legal fees.”

It was determined that far-left Trump-hating billionaire and LinkedIn Founder Reid Hoffman has secretly been funding at least part of Carroll’s case.  She omitted this under oath.

On Thursday the Clinton judge allowed the Trump team to depose Carroll but only for an hour in length?  WTH.  Why would they not be allowed to depose this woman for hours.  This judge is so corrupt.

In its Thursday ruling, the court partially endorsed the position of Trump’s attorneys. It ordered Carroll’s attorney to send Trump’s attorneys documents related to Carroll’s knowledge of the source of her legal funds in the case and allowed Trump’s proposed deposition of Carroll to take place no later than April 19 limited to an hour in length.

The court rejected Trump’s lawyer’s position that the source of Carroll’s funding relates to the case’s merit.

“The question whether and when plaintiff or her counsel have obtained financial support in this action has nothing directly to do with the ultimate merits of the case,” the judge opined in the Thursday order, noting that he is not yet issuing a ruling on this question.

This is why no one in their right mind who stands for fairness and fre

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