Monday 17 April 2023

French protesters storm Louis Vuitton headquarters in downtown Paris over monarch Macron

 In some parts of the world, people are actually fighting back against government tyranny in a formidable way. One of those places is France, where the ongoing protests against Emmanuel Macron’s dictatorial behavior hit the headquarters of Louis Vuitton (LVMH) in Paris this week.

Just days after protesters stormed the French offices of financial terrorist group BlackRock, they made their way over to LVMH, which just a few years back was handed cash by the European Central Bank (ECB) at negative interest so the company could purchase Tiffany & Co. for 16 billion euros.

Louis Vuitton chairman Bernard Arnault, by the way, is considered to be the world’s richest man – at least on the lists they publish publicly – with a net worth close to $200 billion.

To put that kind of money into perspective, it would take Arnault more than 500 years to spend all that if he bought $1 million worth of goods and services every single day – and much longer than that if you consider all the additional income he is likely making from that money making even more money in usurious investment schemes.

All that to say, the French have had enough of their government under Macron catering to the uber-wealthy and banking elites in this manner while they are being told to eat cake and work a few more years before being allowed to retire. Rather than watch the rich get richer while they get ever poorer, the French have taken matters into their own hands – watch below:


When did France become braver and more committed to justice than America?

In a statement aired on television, Fabien Villedieu of the Sud-Rail unions explained the reasoning behind LVMH being the latest target, the company having recently reported better-than-expected first-quarter sales and seeing a record high share price in the markets.

“Apparently our government is struggling to finance our social security and pension system, so money needs to be found where it is, which is in billions in companies like LVMH.”

The working French have had a system in place for many years that allows them to retire at the statutory age of 62. However, the Macron regime wants to raise the retirement age to 64 so it can continue to send money to Ukraine, to the bankers, and to large corporations like LVMH so their corporate executives can add a few extra billions to their loot chest.

Speaking of garish excess, Macron himself is regularly seen flashing hundred-thousand-dollar watches while preaching to the working French that they need to work longer and harder before receiving their proper retirement. Enough is enough.

“Macron was a banker without ever holding public office,” one commenter wrote about the situation. “He magically won his first election, and the second election was likely thrown in, too.”

“When demonstrators were protesting his heavy-handed governance, he told the police to use excessive force. Many protesters were maimed. This was during the many months of Yellow Vest protests before the pandemic. The police were told to use excessive force again this time around. When the French parliament could not pass the ‘reform’ bill, Macron stepped in with an executive order.”

Another wrote that this is not just a pension protest like the media is framing it to be. It is “a revolution against Macron appointing himself monarch with his new laws.”

“Pension protest narrative is to make the citizens look like malingering lazy whiners. It’s about a TYRANT that has sold out his own people.”

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