Friday 28 April 2023

“It’s Not What’s He’s Done in the Past, It’s What He Might Do in the Future” – Alex Jones and Roger Stone Share Their Thoughts on Why Tucker Got Fired

 Alex Jones and Roger Stone share their thoughts on why Tucker got fired.

Roger Stone of joined The Alex Jones Show to break down why Tucker Carlson was really fired from FOX.

Stone says the following in the video below:

Tucker is going to be massively successful.  No, I grieve for our country…Cable will ultimately go the way of broadcast television.  NBC, CBS, ABC, their numbers are as you know, in the toilet.

Millions are watching us here on Infowars, millions watching on other web based platforms…

Tucker Carlson, we won’t ever know what specific event led to this but our nation will be poorer for it because cable television has now been completely cancelled and censored.

Whether it was Tucker’s exposure of what really happened on Jan 6, or whether it was his discussion of the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop, or whether it was calling out the Deep State on their efforts to push us into world war III, that’s kind of a biggee.

Whether it was giving Robert Kennedy a voice when nobody else would.  When Robert Kennedy did his announcement, which I found very powerful by the way, he was censored within 5 minutes… Ideas are dangerous to these people….

…I have a theory, it’s not what he’s done in the past, it’s what he might do in the future.

There’s much more below.


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