Sunday 23 April 2023

Joe Rogan Mocks Bud Light’s Effort To Save Itself With New Commercial: “It’s So Stupid And Cliche” (VIDEO)


No one is buying Bud Light’s attempt to save face.

They released a new “Pro-America” commercial — and it was laughable.

So laughable that Joe Rogan couldn’t stop laughing as he watched it.

The commercial features veterans and farmers bonding over a Bud Light while a Clydesdale goes through some national landmarks.


Strong language warning.

VIDEO: (partial transcript below)

From the video above:

“Joe Rogan: Bro you have to watch this Bud Light commercial, find the new bud light commercial, It’s the dumbest pro-America rah-rah. It’s so stupid and cliche it hurts my feelings its so dumb. Listen to this. This is a company in deep s**t bro. They make things like this. Look you got the prairies, the ocean, you got a Clydesdale running down the street. (Laughs) What the f**k are you talking about. I would respect this if they had this and then Dylan Mulvaney just starts cartwheeling it into the frame, Day 368 of womanhood!

Jim Breuer: This is when some CEO is like who is in charge, he’s 90 years old, get him. This is how we used to d it, we need a god d*mn Clydesdale.

Rogan: Look at this. Look at this. Shut the f**k up.

Breuer: Wow. Wow.

Rogan: Now I hate you more. Like, what are you doing? What is that? What is that?”

Here is the ad:

Joe Rogan previously defended Bud Light over their Dylan Mulvaney marketing campaign.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported:

Podcaster Joe Rogan’s recent take on the Bud Light controversy isn’t what many of his fans expected.

During a recent airing of his podcast that featured author Sam Tallent, Rogan defended Bud Light for hiring “goofy” transgender Dylan Mulvaney in their most recent marketing campaign.

Rogan stated “what they (Bud Light) are doing is just spreading the brand to an extra group of people.”

The Host of the Joe Rogan Experience continued “Why if something is good do you give a f*ck, who has got it.”

Bud Light is in full damage control mode.

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