Sunday 9 April 2023

“Martyrdom in Our Lifetime” – Dr. Thomas Williams Warns of the Growing Anti-Christian Assault in America Today (VIDEO)


On Holy Saturday Dr. Thomas Williams, Christian author and Rome Bureau Chief for, joined Steve Bannon on The War Room.

Dr. Thomas Williams warned the War Room posse on the growing anti-Christian attacks in the West. This includes the recent deadly mass shooting at Covenant School in Nashville, that resulted in six deaths including three Christian children.

Steve Bannon: Can you walk our audience through on this holiest of all days in the Good Friday and Holy Saturday, the most somber of all days in the Christian calendar? What is to come and how can they help to prepare for it?…

Dr. Thomas Williams: … There’s a great challenge for us as Christians right now not to back away, not to hide in a hole, but to go out on the streets and to proclaim the truth and to live the truth and to be willing to stand up to the opposition that is trying to beat it down.

Steve Bannon: Is your fear that we transition from intensifying white persecution, which is obviously horrible in itself, to a form of red persecution or red (bloody) martyrdom?

Dr. Thomas Williams: I think signs of it are all around us, and I think that we’re living in a time of accelerated transformation of society, and especially with regard to the way Christians are perceived and the way Christians are treated. Look at a couple of examples here. Look at the FBI. Since when does the FBI target use Rico laws against peaceful protesters outside an abortion clinic, the way we’ve been seeing the last couple of years? Since when does the FBI have an internal memo saying we’re going to be targeting those who go to the Latin, the traditional Latin mass because they have a high propensity to become Christian nationalists and white supremacists? And so we’re going to target them despite the fact that obviously there is zero evidence of this. So when you’re militarizing our security forces against the American people and against those who take their Christian faith seriously whether it’s because they’re upholding the moral truth of the dignity of the human person or whether it’s because they want to worship in a way that is dignified and does honor to their god. And they’re targeted by government for this. And what is that if not an indication that it’s open season?

If the government will do that, that also is an indication to regular citizens, hey, it’s a free for all now. You can do this because this group is no longer something that should be tolerated the way that they’re living. No, I think there are signs all around, and I think, as you mentioned, the Covenant School shooting was horrific. It’s a very good example of especially the way that it’s reported on and looked upon and justified. No, it’s going to get worse and it’s going to get bloodier.

Steve Bannon: How can Christians prepare?

Dr. Thomas Williams: I think we have to do what Christians have always done. We need to remember in the first place, remember the martyrs, this do this in memory of me, this idea of looking back and of drawing strength from our heroes, the saints. In every tradition, in every Christian tradition, the saints are our heroes. They are the ones. They are heaven’s athletes. They are the ones who have fought the fight. They are the ones who have won the battle. And we need to look to them for inspiration. We need to look to them as role models of what we’re called to be in this world. Why is it that we’re alive today? What is it that is our task in the world today? Why are we living now and not 200 years ago, not 200 years in the future? If we’re Christian believers, we know that God has us here for a reason, and we’re called to live in this time, in this historic moment, because we have a job to do. We have a mission. And I think that becoming more and more aware of that, informing ourselves about the situation of what’s going on and taking it upon ourselves shoulder and shoulder with our brothers and sisters to fight that good fight and to stand firm and to proclaim the truth both of the gospel, but also of the need for respect and religious freedom, which is, again, our first freedom.

Via The War Room.

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