Thursday 6 April 2023

‘Naked Education’ Show Features Adults Posing Nude For Minors, Sparks Fury In U.K.

 A U.K. television show which features adults posing nude in front of minors has set off big reactions online.

“Naked Education,” is allegedly meant to promote “body positivity” for teenagers by showing various adults fully nude. Host Anna Richardson is also behind the dating show “Naked Attraction” and described this new venture as “educational, emotional, [and] joyous,” per The Daily Mail

“If you’re curious about your body, and your life’s journey (whatever that may be), then tune in. We all need connection right now,” she told the publication.

Richardson further defended the premise during an interview with The Sun.

“I like to make shows that are controversial, that break taboos and that make a difference, and with every single show that I’ve done you can tick one of those boxes,” she said. 

“Naked Education is a body positive, educational series that is basically aiming to normalize all body types and champion everybody’s differences, so that we can accept that with our clothes off we’re all normal,” Richardson added.

But social media users were not convinced. Many took issue with random adults being nude in front of minors.

“Channel 4 has launched a show called ‘Naked Education’ which exposes children to naked men, women and transgender adults. Why are parents happy for their children to see other naked adults? Think all of those involved need their hard drives checked,” commentator Anna McGovern tweeted.

“This is literally just adults stripping naked in front of underaged kids. And not only is it allowed on national TV, it’s celebrated. Exactly what wake-up call do we need? How f***ed up does it have to get?” another person asked

Two of the show’s participants identify as transgender. They spoke publicly about how excited they were to pose nude for the teens. 

“There is so much misinformation around being transgender in general, but especially around gender-affirming surgery and what that is, and why we have surgery. It was so important to show that this isn’t just surgery that we choose, it’s life-saving stuff,” Finlay Games said of appearing on “Naked Education.” 

“We don’t have an ‘agenda,’ we just want to be happy,” Games added.

The U.K.-based series is similar to a Dutch show called “Gewoon Bloot” (“Simply Naked”), which also showcases naked adults, including trans-identifying individuals, to underage kids. 

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