Monday 3 April 2023

Nashville trans shooter’s manifesto BURIED by LGBT cultists – will we ever know the truth?

  The queer cabal really, really does not want the public to see the manifesto of Nashville transgender shooter Audrey Hale, which begs the question: what damning information does it contain linking this tragedy to the hateful, brainwashing rhetoric of the Cult of LGBT?

Jordan Budd, executive director of Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere (COLAGE), told Newsweek that “it should not be published” because “the focus should be on how this was able to happen in the first place.”

“There should not be such easy access to deadly weaponry,” Budd went on to state, blaming the Second Amendment, rather than transgender ideology, for Audrey Hale’s alleged murder of six people at The Covenant School in Nashville.

“Regardless of the shooter’s intentions, the real issue here is the ease of access to deadly weapons in Tennessee and elsewhere. All children, no matter who their parents are or how they identify, should feel safe and supported at school. That includes a world free from gun violence.”

Charles Moran, the national president of Log Cabin Republicans, a GOP organization that supports the Cult of LGBT, said something similar about the “serious consequences” that would come from publicly releasing Hale’s manifesto.

“While it would certainly give insight into the motivations of this deeply troubled individual that could help shed light into root causes, we know from tragedies like this that additional glorification of the shooter could inspire others to take similar violent acts for attention,” Moran said.

Then we have Laura McGinnis, a spokesperson for PFLAG (formerly Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays), who tried to claim that releasing the manifesto would increase “the risk of contagion,” to quote Newsweek.

While the manifesto’s release could help law enforcement, policymakers, and others identify potential warning signs for the prevention of future similar tragedies, “the contents don’t change the outcome of the tragedy,” McGinnis said.

Pro-trans extremism from places like the Vanderbilt Pediatric Transgender Clinic encourages young people with gender dysphoria to take out their violent frustrations on society

We wonder: what could that manifesto possibly contain that the trans cult desperately wants to keep hidden from the public? This is the question of the day, and the answer probably lies in its ties to the prevailing transgender rhetoric.

Take the nearby Vanderbilt University Pediatric Transgender Clinic, also located in Nashville. As we reported, that clinic introduced a “trans buddies” program to spy on and harass doctors who refuse to play the transgender pronouns game.

The kind of messaging coming from the likes of Vanderbilt provokes impressionable, gender-dysphoric youth to become militant, and even violent, in their quest to force the rest of society to join them in their deranged delusions.

Is this what happened to Audrey Hale? Does her manifesto contain implicating information about the trans cult, linking her heinous crime to the now-mainstream promotion of all things trans?

Was Hale motivated by the rhetoric that indoctrinated her? How about those cross-sex and gender-bending hormone pharmaceuticals she may have been given as part of her “transition?” Was she exposed to groomers throughout her developmental years?

“The truth is, trans activists want to keep the manifesto buried so the public can’t witness how their destructive rhetoric has radicalized so many young people, turning them into ticking time bombs,” suggested Revolver.

“In addition, if the manifesto is released and shines a light on the mental illness within the violent and radicalized trans community, Dems will also have difficulty pushing their beloved gun control agenda … So, for these very reason [sic], we must keep demanding the manifesto be released.”

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