Monday 3 April 2023

New York Times Loses Its Twitter Verification, Elon Musk Calls The Outlet ‘Unreadable Diarrhea’

 The New York Times is the first large account on Twitter to lose its legacy verification.

Prior to April 1st, the New York Times had a yellow check mark next to its Twitter account to signify its authenticity but that yellow verification mark has now been removed.

The removal comes after Twitter announced “On April 1st, we will begin winding down our legacy verified program and removing legacy verified checkmarks. To keep your blue checkmark on Twitter, individuals can sign up for Twitter Blue.”


On March 30th, CNN‘s Oliver Darcey reported The New York Times wasn’t planning on paying the monthly fee for its Twitter account.

In response to hearing the New York Times was planning to refuse to pay its verification fee, CEO of Twitter Elon Musk tweeted “Oh ok, we’ll take it off then.”


Hours after the verification was removed from The New York Times’ account, Musk tweeted the New York Times is “propaganda” and “their feed is the Twitter equivalent of diarrhea. It’s unreadable.”

It’s expected several White House staffers may be the next to lose their verification status.

Axios reported:

The White House says it will not pay to be verified as an organization, and it won’t reimburse staff who purchase Twitter Blue on their personal social media accounts.

Another notable figure who has refused to pay for his verification fee is NBA player Lebron James.

James previously tweeted “Welp guess my blue check will be gone soon cause if you know me I ain’t paying the 5.”

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