Thursday 20 April 2023

Out-of-Control Crime in Chicago: Woman With Extensive Criminal History Plows Car Through Gas Station, Hits a Vehicle, and Flips SUV Over [VIDEO]


Crime doesn’t rest in the Democrat-run city of Chicago.

 Day after Chicago’s violent “teen takeover,” an enraged woman plowed through a gas station in the city and into traffic, hitting multiple cars and ultimately flipping her vehicle.

Kendra Nance, a 31-year-old Chicago resident, got into a fight with her boyfriend at a gas station in Forest Park on Sunday.

Gas station customers ended up getting involved in the very public fight, some picking up their phones to record the ordeal. One customer reportedly threw something at the Ford Explorer Nance was in, angering her further.

Although her boyfriend tried to grab the keys out of the ignition to keep her from driving away, Nance still managed to begin erratically driving the car away, dragging her boyfriend, who was only halfway inside the vehicle, along the road.

The out-of-control woman smashed into a red SUV that was parked at the gas station. Shortly after pulling out onto the street, Nance crashed straight into another vehicle that was waiting at a stoplight.

The car Nance was driving flipped upside down and landed in the middle of the road. She then jumped out of the car and continued screaming at the people at the gas station who were continuing to record her. 

Missing one of her shoes, Nance grabbed her purse out of the overturned vehicle and began to walk away.

Nance and her boyfriend were both arrested after the incident and were treated for injuries at Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood.

Miraculously, there were no other injuries from the crash.

Nance was charged with felony criminal damage to property, two counts of aggravated assault, reckless driving, reckless conduct, leaving the scene of a motor vehicle accident, and having no valid driver’s license.

After appearing in court for a bond hearing on Tuesday, Nance’s bond was set at $200,000. She will appear in court on Wednesday for violating probation on a prior case and will appear on May 12 for this case.

Nance has three previous felonies, including aggravated battery to a police officer in 2021 and theft and robbery in 2020. She also has three misdemeanor charges, including several charges of battery from 2017, 2018, and 2021.

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