Monday 24 April 2023

Prayer Warriors Will Attend SatanCon in Boston Next Week, Event Being Called the ‘Largest Satanic Gathering in History’


A group of Christian prayer warriors will be attending SatanCon in Boston next week, an event being called the “largest Satanic gathering in history.”

The gathering will occur from April 28 – 30th, 2023, to celebrate the Satanic Temple’s tenth anniversary.

The Satanic Temple promises on its website that the convention will be “a weekend of blasphemy and remembrance in Boston.”

“This event is dedicated to Boston mayor Michelle Wu for her unconstitutional efforts to keep TST out of Boston’s public spaces,” the organization stated. “TST SatanCon 2023 will be in historic downtown Boston, Massachusetts from April 28th to April 30th, 2023, with the theme, ‘Hexennacht in Boston.’ Attendees will enjoy lectures and panels presented by our campaigns and congregations as well as evening entertainment and a Satanic Marketplace.” 

According to a report from the Christian Post, regional leaders in Boston for Intercessors For America (IFA) say that “hundreds of believers from several denominations will come together in unity, not to pray the event away, but instead pray for revival to break out amongst the attendees in Jesus’ name.”

“I initially went to prayer with a preconceived idea that God would want this to be prayed away. It was following this assumption that I was awakened through the night with a clear sense of ‘This is My harvest field,'” one of the organization’s leaders, Suzie MacAskill, told the Post.

“Since truly seeking God’s will for this event, and not coming with my own ideas, I believe I’ve been able to more clearly hear of His love for those who are lost and His strategy for praying for this event,” she added.

IFA Boston co-leader Lynn MacAskill said, “several people [are] receiving words and visions about the angel armies surrounding Boston.”

“Suzie and I have only just come to understand that God has been preparing us for this for some time, which is very comforting as we get close to going into the battle zone in days.”

‘My personal sense is that God is doing something new, something powerful, something wonderful, and He is calling His bride to unity as He does this,” McAskill added. “We are seeing intercessors and watchmen joining with us from all over Massachusetts, New England and this nation to see what the enemy intended for evil used by God for His good and mighty purposes.”

“We pray for a harvest of lost souls to take place as we have never seen before,” she added.

The Satanic Temple made headlines last year for seeking a court declaration to allow abortions for their Texas members, claiming that the laws violate their “religious freedom” to perform “abortion rituals.”

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