Thursday 27 April 2023

President Trump Gives Initial Response to Tucker’s Termination Moments After It Happened (VIDEO)

 On Monday it was reported that Tucker Carlson was terminated from FOX News.  Tucker had the most watched show on cable news by far, but it didn’t matter.  

President Trump had a scheduled interview with host Gene Bailey with Flashpoint on the Victory Channel on Monday and it happened to occur right after President Trump heard about Tucker Carlson being removed from FOX News.

President Trump shared the following:

Well, the only good thing is that Don Lemon’s out and that’s a good thing…CNN Fake News, they fired Don Lemon, that’s good.

The Tucker situation and Bongina, that’s sad.  These are two great people.  Two very important voices.  Look, they’re going to do incredibly well.

You know, we don’t really know, maybe they left.  It’s possible they left but something bad happened and taking those voices off of television is very bad and certainly it’s not a good thing for FOX.  So I was very sad to hear it, very sad….

…We’re going to stand up stronger and bigger and in 2024 and we’re going to win the White House back and things will be different than they are right now because right now we have a nation that’s in such trouble.  You don’t even know if it can last a year and a half…

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