Monday 17 April 2023

RINO Rep. Nancy Mace Trashes Republicans For Passing Pro-Life Laws After the Overturning of Roe v. Wade (VIDEO)


RINO Rep. Nancy Mace is once again lecturing Republicans for daring to pass pro-life legislation after the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

Mace claimed that Republicans were going too far to protect the lives of the unborn.

“Even though I’m pro-life, I represent a pro-choice district, and I saw the tide change after Roe was overturned. We went [from being] mildly pro-choice to … [a] vast majority of voters being pro-choice after Roe v. Wade. It changed the entire electoral environment in ’22,” Mace said during an appearance on “Fox News Sunday.”

Mace said that Republicans lost seats they should have won for being too pro-life and that members of the GOP “have not learned our lesson from the midterm election.”

“I mean, some of these groups have gotten so over-the-top and extreme, we need to find a middle ground on this issue. And I have a great pro-life voting record but some of the stances we’ve taken, especially when it comes to rape and incest, protecting the life of a mother, it’s so extreme, the middle — the independent voters, right of center, left of center, they cannot support us,” Mace said.

Instead of banning abortion, Mace said that there are “a lot of things that we can do to protect life and not alienate the independent voter,” like improving access to birth control.

“We’re afraid of the issue because we’re afraid of our base, and — but that’s not where the base is,” Mace claimed.

Life News, a pro-life website, slammed Mace calling her a “sellout.”

“Nancy Mace is a sellout,” Life News tweeted. “If you can’t even stand up for babies killed in abortions you’re no better than the left.”

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