Tuesday 11 April 2023

‘See For Yourself’: Popular Traditional Catholic Twitter User Invites FBI Agents To Attend Latin Mass

 Amidst reports that the FBI wanted to monitor certain members of the Roman Catholic faithful, one popular traditional Catholic social media star decided to take the opportunity to invite Big Brother to attend mass.

On Monday, Congressman Jim Jordan alleged that he had proof that at least one undercover FBI employee sought to monitor parishioners in Catholic Churches – mostly attendees of the Tridentine mass – in order to supposedly combat domestic terrorism.

According to internal documents released by the House Judiciary Committee, FBI authorities planned to use churches as “new avenues for tripwire and source development.”

In reaction to the apparent encroachment upon freedom of religion, one Latin Mass attendee known as Fred Simon welcomed the G-Men to attend mass.

Breitbart News asked Simon, “What would be your message to the FBI, who are targeting, or you could say are considering Latin Mass goers extremists, and there’s even an implication that they could be even putting people, spies inside?”

Simon was quick to turn the other cheek.

“Well you know, I say, come on. Join the Latin Mass. Come see what it’s about. You know, and see for yourself. Don’t listen to the Southern Poverty Law Center.”

In February, it was first reported that the FBI was looking into what it deemed “Radical Traditionalist Catholics” while using the information provided by the biased and left-wing SPLC.

After the video went viral on Twitter, Simon tweeted, “Thanks to the FBI I’m now in a recruiting video for the Traditional Latin Mass!”

“Dear FBI, welcome to the Traditional Latin Mass!” he added.

While the Roman Catholic Church has used Latin to celebrate the mass since the third century, the Traditional Latin Mass was the form of the liturgy used by the Roman Catholic Church to celebrate the mass around the entire globe from 1570 until 1962. It is still used today, but the Traditional Latin Mass has faced certain restrictions since the Second Vatican Council.

Instead of finding “extremists,” it appears the FBI has instead received an invitation to celebrate the sacrifice of Calvary and walk through the death of Christ with members of the faithful. Maybe Simon’s invitation will yield fruit and bring in new members of the Church. One can only hope.

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