Tuesday 18 April 2023

So Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Sent Me A Handwritten Note, And It Was Just Weird

 Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) sent me an email the other day titled “A handwritten note for you.”

Of course, as I just said, it was an email. But instead of just text, the email included a JPEG of a note AOC had apparently written — more like scrawled.

The first paragraph of the email said: “J., Alexandria wrote a quick note to share what our movement has been able to accomplish because of grassroots support from people like you. Read the note below and then click here to contribute.”

Ah, click here to contribute. A money grab. But the “J.” part meant the note’s for me — maybe only to me.

The first line of the handwritten note, which includes grammatical errors and some nearly indecipherable words, took me a while to figure out, but then I realized the weird — and kinda’ juvenile cursive writing — said “To our supporters and friends —”

The note continued:

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for being part of this movement — a people’s movement. The collective power of your support and continued commitment to action has transformed countless lives on both a personal and systematic level.

Just this year alone, your support has allowed us to:

  • Raise thousands in for trans + LGBT+ advocacy, emergency relief efforts in East Palestine, Ohio, support for migrants and more.
  • Bring hundreds of hours and counting of free virtual tutoring to under-resourced families with an [sic] Homework Helpers program.
  • Build progressive power across the country through an [sic] Courage to Change effort.
  • Fight the spread of Spanish-language misinformation campaigns through an [sic] Whats App organizing.
  • All while providing a living wage to our team of organizers on the ground!

… All this when it’s not even an election year, and it’s still early in the year! There’s even more to come. As we push to hold special interest to account, fight for real action to combat the climate emergency, and organize for change that actually centers working people, you [sic] continued support means absolutely everything.

If possible, could you help us in that fight with a contribution?

I am so proud of all this movement has and continues to accomplish thanks to you. On behalf of my team, community and our movement: Thank you.

Of course, it was just a craven plea for money. Click the tab and you get to a spot where you can contribute $5, $10, $15, and, for some reason, $27. You can throw in more — $250 or a custom amount — and even make the donations recur monthly.

There’s nothing odd in sending out fundraising letters. I get them endlessly. But why make it seem like you’re sending me a personal “handwritten” note? And why even call it handwritten when it’s an email? AOC is the queen of Instagram, so what’s with the cursive note?

And if you’re going to write a note, shouldn’t you get the grammar right? And if part of it’s illegible, shouldn’t you write it again?

Finally, the signature is the weirdest.

I mean, what is that?

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