Tuesday 4 April 2023

“This is Part of the Campaign Against President Trump” – Roger Stone on Expected Gag Order Placed on President Trump by Corrupt NY Court


Roger Stone provided his assessment of the total BS charges against President Trump and the expected indictment today on Tucker Carlson on Monday night.  Specifically, Stone addressed the expected gag order Democrats will use to silence President Trump, the GOP frontrunner in the 2024 presidential election. 

Roger Stone discussed the outrageous user of a gag order on former President Trump.  Gag orders were put in place to protect the innocent when attacked by the government but recently the DOJ and corrupt judges switched the use of gag orders by placing them on individuals linked to President Trump.  It is another Marxist perversion of US law.

Stone was placed on a gag order by corrupt Obama Judge Amy Berman Jackson in a DC court.  He was unable to defend himself against BS charges by the Mueller gang who accused Stone of being involved in the Russian hacking of the DNC and the transfer of emails to WikiLeaks.

Stone knew he was innocent and America later found out that he did nothing wrong and there was no information whatsoever that Russia hacked the DNC and transferred emails to WikiLeaks.  It was all a lie.  The prosecutors knew it.  IT WAS A LIE.

Stone got caught up with the corrupt Obama leftovers in the DOJ because he was President Trump’s friend for many years.  Judge Jackson placed him on a gag order and he could not defend himself in the court of public opinion as his political foes in the corrupt DOJ ate him alive.

Stone believes the same Soros and Obama-backed corrupt attorneys at the New York DA’s office will try and do the same to Trump.  They have another corrupt judge they are working with and he too is likely to move forward with this unconstitutional act.

Stone shared this with Tucker:

“Look I think the idea that they might gag President Trump is really a testimony to his effectiveness in this as a counter-puncher… But more importantly, not only do I think the gag order would be unconstitutional, nowhere does it say you lose your free speech rights if you are charged with a crime.

But more importantly it’s election interference.  He is a legal candidate for the 2024 Republican nomination.  He’s leading by close to 40 points in the polls.  This is a very clear effort to try and break his momentum… The harder they hit him the more his support grows.

Tucker called this beyond the pale and the beginning of the end.  Stone replied:

These charges are politically motivated.  This is part of the campaign against President Trump.

In addition, Stone shared his thoughts on his website Stone Cold Truth on Monday.  He believes that the corrupt Soros-funded DA will attempt to place a gag order on President Trump so he can’t defend himself in the public.

It’s bad enough that President Donald Trump must now face entirely contrived and politically motivated charges by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, but as I predicted last week on the Alex Jones Show, the President will now be subjected to a gag order that prevents him from defending himself in the face of a media assault in which the facts of the case are misstated and the credibility of the witnesses against him go unchallenged.

A gag order against the President would not only be unconstitutional, but would also constitute election interference, in view of the fact that Trump is currently a formally declared and filed candidate for the Republican nomination for President.

Those who argue that a gag order in Trump’s case would only be limited him to discussing the specifics of Bragg’s indictment of him or the handling of the case by the Prosecutors or the Judge  misunderstand that because the indictment itself is entirely politically motivated, the gag itself would be interfering with his right to communicate with voters within the framework of his campaign, as well as violation of his free speech rights.

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