Friday 21 April 2023

Top 6 reasons people are ADDICTED to NICOTINE, plus an effective, natural escape plan

  Quitting nicotine use is one of the toughest tasks known to humans, but most non-smokers and non-vapers have no sympathy or empathy for this, as they just assume these folks know it’s bad for their health and aren’t attempting to stop. Nothing is further from the truth, as nearly all nicotine users, over time, wish nothing more than to stop, but nothing seems to work. Most “quit methods” just keep them addicted, like the nicotine patch and the nicotine gum. Most smokers who switch to vaping actually vape more than they smoked, and it’s still free-based nicotine, meaning it’s treated with AMMONIA to be much more potent, more addicting, and harder to quit.

Some smokers began sucking back on cancer sticks when they were in middle school or high school, either to look cool, or just to be experimental. Little did they know then that smoking addiction is like a strong undertow in the ocean, and once you get sucked in, you can’t just swim your way out when you want to. A strong undertow is known to pull a human out into the ocean hundreds of feet in just seconds, and commercial cigarettes are laced with ammonia-treated nicotine that has 100 milligram potency that is NOT disclosed on the pack or the carton. It sucks you into the ruthless habit like an ocean undertow after a hurricane.

Statistic: 60% of smokers who switch to vaping never return to cigarettes, but how can they ever quit vaping if it’s still free-based nicotine?

Nobody ever actually chooses to be addicted to nicotine. One way or another, they got sucked into it, and now they want out. About a decade ago, vaping starting getting popular, and millions of cigarette smokers around the world realized that if they switched to it, they would be eliminating thousands of toxins, including bug-killing and weed-killing chemical pesticides.

So they did. Millions of smokers switched to vaping, and 60% of them never smoked a cancer stick since, but many are still chronic nicotine users, thanks to their expensive little nicotine delivery device called a vape gadget. Got nic juice? What’s the milligram dosage of nicotine? Have you looked? Check to see if it is free-based nicotine, because the vast majority, more than 90%, of all e-liquids (vaping juices) are jacked up with ammonia to keep you hooked (they say it’s to purify the nicotine).

Sometimes, people are doing pretty well who “quit” smoking or vaping, but then something stressful happens (called a trigger), or someone around them smokes or vapes, and voila, they’re right back into it. Drinking alcohol can also be a trigger for ex-smokers.

Top 6 reasons people can’t seem to quit nicotine, plus a very effective escape plan

#1. You started out young and it just kept getting worse

#2. You thought you would just try vaping a little and now you’re hooked

#3. You quit smoking, but then you got triggered when something stressful happened, and it dragged you right back in

#4. Whenever you have an adult beverage, like liquor or beer, you simply need a smoke

#5. People around you at home or work smoke, so it seems like there’s no way to quit

#6. You’ve tried just about every quit method and nothing has worked

Ready to escape nicotine addiction once and for all? Most people smokers and vape “customers” are. Do you, or a friend or loved one, suffer from anxiety or depression whenever trying to quit smoking? You can break off those “shackles.” Just boost your dopamine levels naturally while balancing your central nervous system with the ultimate supplement and superfood blend, in a potent “shot” beverage called Krave Kicker. Anyone can end nicotine cravings naturally now without having to apply endless willpower.

Let the natural remedies do the work for you, and change your lifestyle for the better, starting right now. Escape nicotine forever, and do it naturally. Make that change and never look back again. Now is the time.

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