Thursday 6 April 2023

What? FOX and Friends Host Brian Kilmeade Argues in Support of Gag Order on Trump (VIDEO)


On Wednesday morning Janelle King from “Let’s Win for America Action” joined FOX and Friends to discuss the unprecedented indictment of President Donald Trump in New York City on Tuesday.

Janelle does not believe Republicans should respond to this Marxist assault on the GOP “that causes more conversation.”

Brian Kilmeade then chimed in and argued for a gag order on President Trump.

FOX News has truly become an enemy to the people and certainly their Trump-supporting base viewers.

Janelle King: What I think about when I when I see this, too, is this is about how we as conservatives are going to handle this, because if we respond to this in a way in which it causes more conversation, it’s going to continue to be a distraction. We’ve got to kind of move it to the side and get to focusing on what matters in America.

Brian Kilmeade: That’s why, in a way, Brett, I was kind of hoping for the gag order because I want to see the President. I want to find out what these candidates think about oil prices. I want to find out about how we’re going to get the dollar back and make sure it remains the world’s currency. But, Brett, that’s not going to happen. We got a grand jury in Georgia, and we have another one at Mar-a-Lago …

Via FOX and Friends.

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