Tuesday 23 May 2023

2020 Georgia Election Case Lives On After Appeals Court Returns Case to Lower Court


In December 2020, attorney Todd Harding filed a case against Fulton County, GA that alleged counterfeit ballots were inserted into the 2020 Election.  This case lead to investigators and the public obtaining access to ballot images from Fulton County.  Investigations, however, into the images provided by Fulton County seemed to leave more questions than answers.  Even Georgia governor Brian Kemp had questions regarding discrepancies in the hand count pointed out by David Cross and Joe Rossi.

The lawsuit was abruptly dismissed by Judge Brian Amero on October 13, 2021 for lack of standing.  The case was appealed and Amero’s ruling was upheld under a ruling in Henry County Board of Commissioners v Sons of Confederate Veterans case.  However, when the Sons of Confederate Veterans case made it to the GA Supreme Court, the Appeals court decision was overturned.  This allowed VoterGA’s case, Favorito et al. v Wan et al. to be reconsidered.

President Trump Truthed out The Gateway Pundit article on October 29, 2022 after the Georgia Supreme Court ruled that voters do in fact have the right to sue election officials who violate the law.

According to a press release from


The Georgia Court of Appeals has issued an order remanding the Fulton County counterfeit ballot case back to the Superior Court for all Fulton County petitioners. The order comes over four months after the Georgia Supreme Court upheld standing in its December 20, 2022 ruling for the Favorito et al v. Wan et al and Jeffords et al v. Fulton County cases. That decision was based on the court’s previous ruling that unanimously found Georgia citizens, taxpayers and residents, including voters, always had standing to sue government officials or agencies who violate Georgia law.

Garland Favorito provided some context for the 28-month legal struggle: “The citizens of
Georgia have been victimized for well over two years by false claims that there is no evidence
of election fraud. This inordinate delay is attributable to lower court rulings that falsely
claimed we had no standing. The Secretary of State and Attorney General should have
helped us all this time instead of fighting against us. It is critical that Georgians quickly
know how many counterfeit ballots were included in the 2020 Fulton election results so we
can implement more fraud protection measures prior to the next election. We fully expect the
lower court to move expeditiously since it had already ordered a ballot inspection before
Fulton County hired criminal defense attorneys to prevent us from looking at the ballots. If
there is nothing to hide, all involved should be willing to show us the ballots.”

There were numerous discrepancies with the data that was handed over by Fulton County, as well as other Georgia counties.  To see the evidence gathered thus far by a team of citizens and mainly through open records request and government sourced statements, visit

Some (of many) examples documented on

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