Monday 1 May 2023

Democrat Senator Chris Coons: “The Vice President is Ready to Run and Ready to be President” (VIDEO)


Democrat Senator Chris Coons (DE) on Sunday appeared on ABC’s “This Week” to discuss Joe Biden and the Democrat agenda.

ABC host Martha Raddatz asked Chris Coons about the spotlight on Kamala Harris after Biden announced his reelection campaign.

80-year-old Joe Biden last week announced he is running for reelection in a pre-recorded video posted to Twitter at 6 am.

Biden is so feeble and demented that he was unable to announce his presidential bid at a live rally.

Joe Biden won’t make it through a second term.

Senator Coons said Kamala Harris is ready to be president.

“The vice president’s ready to run and ready to be president should that ever happen,” Coons said.

God help us.


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