Saturday 6 May 2023

EU Displays Satanic Anti-Christian Artwork by Godless Lesbian in Parliament


The Last Supper depiction by Elisabeth Ohlson

The EU displayed the satanic artwork by Anti-Christian activist Elisabeth Ohlson in the Parliament this week.

Ohlson’s artwork mocks Christianity and insults Christians by its vulgar nature.

This is what the European Union officials think of the continent’s Christian roots.

The Catholic News Agency reported:

An art exhibit at the European Union’s Parliament building in Brussels, Belgium, has prompted criticism from conservative politicians in Italy for its display of a blasphemous depiction of Jesus Christ and the apostles.

The artwork, a series of photographs by lesbian Swedish photographer Elisabeth Ohlson, includes one of a man who is meant to represent Christ wearing a white robe and a halo made out of stars above his head. The man is surrounded by seven men who are wearing leather-based fetish clothing associated with BDSM fetishism.

Ohlson said the photographs are meant to depict Christ supporting homosexual rights.

“There [are] a lot of pictures of Jesus with heterosexual [people],” Ohlson said on Twitter. “Millions, billions of paintings, famous artists. But this is just 12 pictures of Jesus loving the LGBT rights, so 12 pictures should not be so scary for them.”

The photos have faced backlash from conservative members of the European Parliament, some of whom accused the depiction of being disrespectful.


The exhibit, which opened on May 2 and runs through May 5, kicked off with a reception hosted by Malin Björk, a member of the European Parliament for the Swedish Left Party.

Some Italian lawmakers took to social media to voice their objections.

“Art?” Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini said in a Facebook post. “No, just vulgarity and disrespect.”

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