Monday 15 May 2023

Migrant Processing Center in El Paso PACKED with Illegal Aliens – Nearly ALL are Military Age Males (VIDEO)

Hordes of illegal aliens have stormed the border since Title 42 expired on Friday.

Title 42, a Trump-era policy that forced migrants seeking asylum to remain in Mexico while their immigration case worked its way through the system expired.

THOUSANDS of illegal aliens passed through the migrant processing center in El Paso, Texas on Friday.

There is a max room capacity of 120 but 750 illegals were packed in there like sardines.


Nearly all 750 illegals are military age males.

Not a woman or child in sight.

This is an invasion.

The illegals are also infested with diseases.

There have been reports of chickenpox, TB and STDs.

“There have been cases of scabies, measles, covid, and bed bugs. Take care of your health,” officers added.


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