Monday 22 May 2023

Target Slammed After Offering Female Swimsuits That Have ‘Extra Crotch Coverage,’ Are ‘Tuck-Friendly’

 Retail giant Target is again under fire from customers after offering “tuck-friendly” and “extra crotch coverage” female swimsuits for sale.

The swimsuits in question are part of Target’s Pride collection and are described as having been “thoughtfully fit on multiple body types and gender expressions.” The swimsuits sparked backlash on social media, with several people saying that they would never shop at Target again. 

In addition to the female swimwear designed to accommodate male genitalia, the Target Pride collection includes small shirts with phrases like “Just Be You And Feel The Love,” Pride-themed onesies, as well as rainbow-colored leggings, tutu skirts, and jumpers. 

Daily Wire host Matt Walsh said this week that Target should be boycotted over their product offerings. 

“What [Target] is doing is far worse than anything Bud Light did. They are selling chest binders & ‘tuck-friendly’ bathing suits for children. Target is calling our bluff. But just like any other company, they need our business. We did it with Bud Light. Now it’s Target’s turn,” a tweet from the Matt Walsh show said. 

Other social media users also called out Target, ridiculing the idea of “tuck-friendly” female swimwear. 

“Thanks to @Target I found the perfect swimsuit for creeping out all the women and children at the pool this summer. Can’t wait to tuck my c*** into this little number while sipping a Bud Light!” said comedian Chrissie Mayr. 

“No real woman would be caught dead in that swimsuit, it’s hideous. It’s exactly what a dude pretending to be a woman would wear,” Mayr told Fox News. “The only thing I’ll be tucking is my money back into my wallet and shopping elsewhere. What an obnoxious virtue signal from Target. And it’s not even June yet.”


The controversy follows Adidas using a male model to promote a new women’s swimsuit, a decision that also earned condemnation, including from former University of Kentucky swimming star Riley Gaines.

“I don’t understand why companies are voluntarily doing this to themselves,” Gaines tweeted. “They could have at least said the suit is ‘unisex,’ but they didn’t because it’s about erasing women. Ever wondered why we hardly see this go the other way? Women’s swimsuits aren’t accessorized with a bulge.” 

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