Friday 2 June 2023

Fairy DRAG-mother: Cross-dressing man selling dresses to girls in Disneyland, the WOKEST place on Earth

 The Walt Disney Company is under fire once more after footage of a “creepy” cross-dressing man selling dresses to little girls at a store in the Disneyland theme park went viral.

The mustached cast member who went by the name “Nick” introduced himself as the “fairy godmother’s apprentice.” He offered to show young girls around the California theme park’s Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and “make their selections for the day” while wearing a blue and purple dress.

The boutique is named after the Fairy Godmother’s song in the 1950 animated movie “Cinderella.” Children aged three to 12 can visit the boutique to get “magical makeovers for royalty-in-training.”

According to reports, cast members assigned to the boutique were previously dubbed “Fairy Godmothers in Training.” However, Disney changed this moniker to “Fairy Godmother’s Apprentices” last summer to include those who do not identify as female.

The entertainment giant explained the name change: “This way, cast members that might not identify as female can still be part of the process to dress up and style the children without having to refer to themselves as a female Disney character.”

Mother of three Kourtni Faber captured the video as part of her trip to the California theme park. The video had been viewed more than seven million times since it was posted May 26 on TikTok. It had also elicited backlash from different personalities since then.

Political commentator Dave Rubin shared the video on his Twitter, noting that the mustached Nick will soon “be hired by the Biden [administration] to run [America’s] nuke program by the end of the day.” Rubin was pertaining to former Department of Energy official Sam Brinton – who sported the same mustache, wore dresses and identified as non-binary. Brinton was recently arrested for a third instance of stealing luggage at airports.  

“Bibbidi-bobbidi-broke, the consequence of woke!”

The host of “The Rubin Report” on Blaze TV also pointed out that the gimmick was intentional.

“This is a dude with a mustache in a dress, not a ‘trans’ person,” he wrote. “Think how many real girls want that job at Disney, and they gave it to him for a reason.”

Conservative writer Peachy Keenan wrote: “A man in drag is not only bizarre and inappropriate, but it takes guests out of the ‘show’ – the illusion is broken. Nothing matters but the agenda and your four-year-old is a pawn they are happy to mind flay.”

She recounted that the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is targeted toward little girls between the ages of four and 10. Keenan continued: “It is a delight from start to finish, and one of the cutest things to watch. A true ‘Disney magic’ immersive experience – one of the very few left at the park.”

Sadly, this Disney magic has evaporated entirely when the entertainment giant chose to go down the path of wokeism.

Red State editor Brandon Morse meanwhile tweeted: “May you never suffer the same destruction of your legacy that poor Walt [Disney] has.”

Sara Gonzales, the host of “Why It Matters” on Blaze TV, called on her followers to “stop taking your [families] to Disney” theme parks. User Bobbi Moody also noted: “I am already boycotting Disney, [and] so should everyone else.” 

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