Friday 23 June 2023

Megyn Kelly Responds to Report About NY Schools Hiding Student Gender Transitions From Parents: ‘Very Dark Days’


A recent report suggests that public schools in New York are being told to hide the gender transition of students from their parents in some cases.

Megyn Kelly pulled her kids out of private schools in New York when they started going down this woke path and moved her family to Connecticut.

She had a strong reaction to the new developments in her old state.

The report comes from City Journal:

New York State’s Directive to Schools: Lie to Parents

Parents who send their kids to New York public schools have lots to worry about. Is he really learning? Is she really safe? And: Is the school gender-transitioning my child behind my back?

Earlier this week, the New York State Department of Education (NYSED) published a “legal update and best practice” document for how schools should serve “transgender and gender expansive” students. The key takeaway: if your child decides that he or she wants to socially transition to the opposite gender, it is now a “best practice” for the school to lie to you about it.

“Only the student,” the NYSED declares, “knows whether it is safe to share their identity with a caregiver.” The baseline assumption, then, is that “unaffirming” parents are dangerous to their children. If Kevin wants to go by “Kimi” but doesn’t want his parents to know, the best practice, according to NYSED, is as follows: “The teachers call her Kimi and use she/her pronouns at school. When calling home for any reason, teachers use the name Kevin and he/him pronouns.”

This was Megyn Kelly’s response:

One woman offered this response to Kelly:

Parent are not going to put up with schools hiding information from them, especially about their own kids.

The schools forget that it is parents who fund these institutions with their tax dollars.

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