Saturday 17 June 2023

Nation’s Biggest Pediatrics Hospital Pushes Leftism, Discredited COVID Theories On Texas Doctors, Investigation Reveals

 The largest pediatrics hospital in the country indoctrinates the young doctors who train at the Texas facility into a militant form of far-Left activism through weekly training videos, then accuses those who object of “micro-aggressions,” a Daily Wire investigation revealed.

In one August 2021 training session at Texas Children’s Hospital, Dr. Peter Hotez, a dean at Baylor College of Medicine, which is affiliated with the hospital, railed against “far-Right extremism and PACs which have become mainstream across the GOP.” He called for “people from Homeland Security, the Justice Department, Commerce Department, State Department” to take action against those who questioned the then-conventional wisdom about COVID, likening the supposed threat they pose to terrorism and “nuclear proliferation.”

“As academics, this is not stuff we’re comfortable talking about or doing, but the health sector has gone about as far as it can with amplifying the message,” said Hotez, who oddly refers to himself as “the OG Villain.” “Now we need to bring in some heavyweights.”

Earlier this year, Hotez railed against anyone suggesting COVID came from a Chinese lab, calling such claims “fruitless scientific witch hunts, which will serve to distract the scientific community.” He wrote an editorial saying, “Republican members on the House Committee on Oversight and Reform also made a series of misleading or downright outlandish claims. Among them: that they had evidence that COVID-19 likely originated from a laboratory in Wuhan.”

The lab-leak theory, suspected early on by many but denied by the Left, has increasingly gained traction, most recently from a Department of Energy report and, earlier this week, a bombshell report charging that the first people infected with COVID were Chinese scientists working at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

To the doctors in training, Hotez also railed against people who questioned the efficacy of masks to prevent COVID infection, another stance that has since gained credence.

“It’s defiance, defiance against masks and social distancing and now vaccines,” Hotez said in one training session. “We put a lot of infrastructure in place to combat things like global terrorism, nuclear proliferation, cyberattacks, but this is a far greater killer is anti-science and I’ve been trying to make that case both to the Biden administration and the United Nations.”

In another session, doctors were lectured about “micro-aggressions.” When some complained about the material —which took the place of “rounds” that ordinarily would educate doctors about medical issues — hospital officials said their complaints were themselves “micro-aggressions” and illustrated “fragility.”

“I think defensiveness is the most common reaction,” a trainer said in a subsequent video. “We did do a health equity round on micro-aggressions, and I think that generated the most resistance and additional micro-aggressions.”

In yet another training, young doctors were forced to listen to extended audio of a crying young girl being purportedly separated from her family due to former President Donald Trump’s border policy, apparently as an attempt to shape doctors’ political views on immigration policy.

“We cannot allow [migrant children] to be forgotten,” the speaker said. “I’m a researcher and we need to respect this essential role, however, we must also respect our role as advocates and leaders of collective action. Our hope is we can reshape and restructure the system in ways that are far more effective, humane, and just.”

Dr. Lindy McGee taught young doctors about people who “couch their language in terms of ‘parents rights’ and ‘informed consent,’” saying “their overarching goal is always to stoke fear, disrupt systems, spread misinformation, and elevate the individual over the public good.”

The hospital’s draconian campaign against speech also included incidents such as CNN correctly reporting that Italy was about to institute a lockdown, which caused people to leave.

“Not necessarily misinformation, but it took the effectiveness out of the public health response,” a speaker said. Like masks, lockdowns were later shown to be largely ineffective and in fact had disastrous unintended consequences.

Katelyn Jetelina, an assistant professor of epidemiology, was asked in a training session if there has been enough “empathy and listening” and it was time for “more of a stick approach.”

“We’re done playing this game. We are hurting people, and if we start putting down the stick and make that very apparent, I think people will take this seriously,” she said, suggesting a need for “tough decisions if a family member isn’t going to be vaccinated,” such as refusing to see them.

“If we compare ourselves to other countries that responded very well to this pandemic, Vietnam, what they did is they marketed as ‘us against an enemy,’ and the enemy was COVID. And so you get everyone rallying against an enemy.”

The hospital brought in a lobbyist, Jason Sato, who seemed to suggest that doctors should be able to refuse to care for unvaccinated patients.

“There was a bill that said you would have to take any unvaccinated patient that shows up at your door if you wanted to accept Medicaid,” he said. “It’s an existential threat.”

A doctor provided videos of the “Grand Rounds” lectures to The Daily Wire on condition of anonymity, saying that leftist activism could have life-risking impacts.

“Medicine works by authority. And for a long time that worked. But now they’re using that authority to push things that have nothing to do with medicine,” the doctor told The Daily Wire. “And on medicine, they forcefully demonized people that in some cases turned out to be right, and they don’t have the humility to admit it.”

“I saw people die because of these policies. People who couldn’t breathe and vomited into a mask. People who couldn’t come in for cancer screens,” the doctor said.

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