Tuesday 20 June 2023

President Trump Responds to Crooked DOJ and Their Joke Charges Against International Criminal Hunter Biden


Hunter Biden has agreed to plead guilty to multiple criminal charges according to CNN. The investigation into Hunter Biden has lasted five years.

CNN broke the story minutes ago:

“John, this five year long investigation now coming to head. We have learned from new court filings at the US. District Court here in Wilmington, Delaware, that Hunter Biden has agreed to plead guilty to multiple criminal charges. I’m going to walk you through this. One of these charges involves these are two counts of failing to file tax returns in a timely fashion. Those are misdemeanors. He’s also going to plead guilty to a charge of a firearm offense. This is the possession of a firearm while you are addicted to a controlled substance. Now, the firearm offense is going to be diverted. And what that means is that if he meets certain conditions, that charge will go away. This will be over a set period of time. Otherwise, it’s the tax misdemeanor charges that he has been charged with.”

Here is the letter from US Attorney David Weiss on Hunter’s criminal charges.
Via Maria Medvin.

 Donald Trump responded to this latest government outrage.

Trump called it.

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