Friday 9 June 2023

Twitter Mass Deletes Videos of Syrian Asylum Seeker Who Stabbed Children in France


On Thursday,  police arrested a migrant from Syria for a mass stabbing attack targeting children in a park in Annecy, France.

Various reports have stated the number of injured is as high as eight. However, the latest report states four children and two adults were wounded in the attack, with two children and one of the adults hospitalized with life-threatening injuries.

French outlet Le Dauphine reports the attacker was yelling “in the name of Jesus Christ” (language not stated):

Via translation: “The author cried out “In the name of Jesus Christ” The assailant said “In the name of Jesus Christ” twice at the time of the attack. The man, who was wearing a Christian cross when he was arrested, presented himself as a “Christian from Syria” when applying for asylum at the French Office for the Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons (Ofpra) on November 28, 2022.”


Video showing a minute-and-a-half of the attack has gone viral.

However, Twitter has begun to mass delete videos linked to the appalling incident in France involving a Syrian asylum seeker.

Some users argue that this move amounts to censorship, contending that it restricts free speech and impedes the spread of information. Critics suggest that social media giants like Twitter have too much power in shaping public discourse and potentially hiding important realities.

“You can watch George Floyd’s death, which was broadcast to hundreds of millions of people, because it purports to portray a racist white cop murdering a black man in cold blood. But you can’t watch a Syrian migrant stab women and toddlers at a French playground because doing so would make you racist. Let that sink in,” said Malaysian commentator Ian Miles Cheong.

Turning Point USA Ambassador and conservative commentator Rogan O’Handley aka “DC Draino,” wrote, “Almost every video of the Syrian “refugee” stabbing multiple children in a park in France has been scrubbed from the biggest free speech platform in the world How much you want to bet that order was given by the EU gov’t to hide the violence caused by their open border policies?”

He added, “When the George Floyd video came out, it was shown everywhere for months as violent riots destroyed our inner cities But when a migrant goes on a terrorist stabbing spree in France, the video gets completely scrubbed from Twitter almost immediately.”

In a Twitter comment, Elon Musk said he would look into the issue.

Twitter uses a feature known as a “sensitive content warning” for posts that may contain graphic violence, adult content, or other potentially disturbing materials. This feature aims to protect users from inadvertently viewing content they might find distressing or offensive.

When such a post appears, Twitter doesn’t display the content immediately. Instead, it shows a warning message saying, “The following media includes potentially sensitive content.” Users then have the choice to view the content or avoid it.

Twitter’s decision to delete the videos is still unclear, although it may be related to the rising concerns about the potential harm of violent or graphic content on their platforms.

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